Workshop on Green School Program for District Coordinators in Punjab



Environmental education plays a central role in a world exposed to climate change risks. It provides individuals with the knowledge and awareness to understand today’s environmental issues and the civic action skills to combat their impacts at the individual and community level.

The Center for Science and Environment’s Green Schools Program (GSP) deepens understanding of climate change, its impacts, its relevance to contemporary environmental issues, potential solutions and proactive initiatives, and engages schools, teachers, and students nationwide. We have been collaborating with can be adopted to address these challenges.

In another initiative in this direction, the Center for Science and Environment (CSE), in collaboration with Punjab State Council for Science and Technology (PSCST) under the Environmental Education Program of MoEF&CC, has created a specially designed 2 for selected students. We are holding a one-day workshop. Assist District School Coordinators in Punjab to strengthen and sustain environmental education discourse and instruction in schools. This workshop will take a deep dive into CSE’s Green Schools program and explore the avenues it offers for environmental education in schools.


Sessions at the workshop will focus on the following key issues and activities:

  • Introduction to environmental issues in India
  • Environmental activities in daily life linked to Mission LiFE goals
  • Educational “Environment”: GSP’s flagship program, GSP Audit — helps schools assess, improve, and monitor resource efficiency.
  • Environmental best practices at model schools
  • AAETI campus tour similar to a “site visit” – where participants can witness sustainable practices in action

This workshop is open only to representatives selected/nominated by PSCST.

For more information please contact us

Tusita Rawat To


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