Women’s Recovery Home provides a safe, drug-free environment and a holistic approach to substance use disorder treatment



The hand that life deals us is not always the hand we want to play. Whether you grow up with frequent exposure to substances or find yourself in an abusive situation, it can be difficult to break free.

Women in this region who are struggling with these issues should know that there is a place to turn. Porter-Starke Services, in collaboration with The Caring Place, offers the Women’s Recovery Home, a supportive environment that offers programs to help women in recovery.

“The Caring Place, in partnership with Porter Stark Services, provides recovering women clients with housing and basic needs, as well as case management, support groups, and more within a 24-hour domestic violence emergency crisis shelter. resources, opportunities and activities.” Dennis Koebke, President and CEO, The Caring Place, Inc.

“In addition to these support services, the women who live there will begin a comprehensive mental health and addiction assessment at Porter Stark Services. This assessment will be conducted by a qualified mental health professional. , provides personalized treatment recommendations,” added Teresa Young, LAC LMFT. Director of Outpatient Mental Health and Addiction Services at Porter Stark Services. “This may include intensive outpatient treatment for addiction, relapse prevention groups to continue to maintain recovery skills, individual and family therapy, case management, medication-assisted treatment, peer recovery support, and/or psychiatric medication management. may be included.”

Women’s Recovery Home takes a holistic approach to treatment. This includes helping women over the age of 18 overcome internal and external barriers that can exacerbate drug use.

“Women’s Recovery Home takes a holistic approach to foster personal responsibility, daily structure, and purposeful decision-making,” said Amber Riddick, LMHC. Evaluator and Women’s Recovery Home Liaison for Porter Stark Services.

Women’s Recovery Home uses an approach based on Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) best practices to treat people experiencing substance use disorders.

“This philosophy is based on eight specific, research-based factors that protect all humans: healthy activity, mentorship, physical health, mental health, family support, positive friends, spirituality, and generosity. focused,” Kaepke said. “These are skills and conservation strategies that we promote within our shelters and provide activities around them.”

While this approach often builds trust between patient and caregiver, Women’s Recovery Home also encourages building support within the family when it is safe and productive.

“Porter Stark Services recognizes that addiction is a primary, progressive, and chronic disease. This disease can be identified, diagnosed, and treated in both adolescence and adulthood,” Young said. Told. “Our treatment philosophy recognizes the importance of family involvement in their loved one’s treatment and recovery.”

Since its founding, the Women’s Recovery Home has served as a necessary resource and home for many in the community.

“This facility has supported hundreds of women on their journey to recovery and becoming productive members of society by developing independent living skills,” Riddick said.

“The women who participate in this program are invaluable members of our community, contributing their skills and talents to the workforce, strengthening family relationships, and inspiring others in the recovery community. We are giving,” Koebke added.

Women’s Recovery Home is a vital resource in Northwest Indiana for anyone experiencing or knowing someone who has a substance use disorder. It is important to remember that even if the situation is difficult, treatment is possible. Helping people overcome substance abuse not only benefits them and those around them, but also the community as a whole.

“We have all been affected by the disease of addiction, either personally or through the struggles of family, friends, and colleagues. Recovery is possible, but we must actively challenge the harmful stigmas associated with addiction. , we need a community that moves to a belief system of support, love, and connection,” Young said. “When individuals heal and thrive, communities heal and thrive.”

For more information about the Women’s Recovery Home, contact Porter-Starke Services at 219-531-3500. Consult with a hospital and emergency services specialist.

The Caring Place is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the needs of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. We operate a 24-hour crisis hotline that can be reached at 219-464-2128. For more information, please visit www.thecaringplacenwi.org.

Porter-Starke Services is a nonprofit community health center with offices throughout northwest Indiana. For more information about our services or to make an appointment, please call 219-531-3500 or visit porterstarke.org.

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