Wild & Scenic Film Festival returns to Colombia with an environmental vision



Each year, the Wild and Scenic Film Festival travels to Colombia to offer stunning natural scenery, inspiring stories of change through conservation, and creative expressions of our planet’s purpose.

This year’s one-day fest, to be held at the Blue Note on February 4, is sponsored by the Missouri Environmental Coalition and features a curated film experience, with each short film chosen from a lineup of wildlife and scenic films. It is said that Here are some of the fest’s most interesting offerings.

“Craig, America”

This 14-minute program takes viewers to Craig, Colorado. This community of approximately 9,000 people represents many small western regions that are embracing greater environmental stewardship.

“Make the city green”

Located just off Interstate 70 in St. Louis, this five-minute short film tracks the efforts of a pastor and the city’s sustainability director to make the region’s energy cleaner and more powerful. Masu.

“Magical Forest and Things”

Harnessing the whimsy and wonder of nature, this animated work enlivens a childlike perspective on consumption and care.

“One star review”

Promising some hilarity and perhaps a little angst, this two-minute short delves into real one-star reviews left by national park users.

“Bring Back the Water: Natasha Smith”

The three-part story “Reclaim Your Water” follows a young Black woman who starts a California beach club that focuses on community, conservation, and inclusivity.

This year’s Wild and Scenic Film Festival will have its opening credits rolling on Sunday, February 4th at 1:30 p.m. Tickets are $10-$20 general admission. $50 for a VIP table. For the full lineup of films and more information, visit https://moenvironment.org/events/wild-and-scenic-film-festival/.

Aarik Danielsen is the Tribune’s features and culture editor. Contact adanielsen@columbiatribune.com or call 573-815-1731. He is on Twitter/X @aarikdanielsen.

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