Why technology to improve the office environment is important



While video conferencing companies have been making headlines by ordering employees back into the office, it’s clear that the telecommuting vs. office debate is going nowhere.

Zoom is one of a series of major companies encouraging employees to return to the office, but KPMG’s latest annual survey shows that the majority of global CEOs expect all employees to fully return to the office by 2026. They report that they are expecting.

That may be easier said than done.

The pandemic has changed people’s attitudes towards flexible working, but it has also changed staff expectations of their employers and workplaces.

Previous research has highlighted the increasing risk of staff disengagement, with research published in August 2022 finding that 60% of workers feel disconnected from work. There was found.

The best work environments have a measurable positive impact on employees, improving their mental and physical resilience and helping companies improve employee retention, wellbeing, productivity and team connection. This will help you make a profit.

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