Urban Ecology Center encourages people to volunteer for ROOT



MILWAUKEE — Abby Rosenau, assistant land manager for the Center for Urban Ecology, led a group of volunteers to place baskets around native trees.

“We’re working here at Three Bridges Park because we’re trying to keep beavers out,” Rosenau said. “We’re near the Menomonee River, and the beavers are coming and cutting down some of the trees that we want to keep in this area.”

What you need to know

  • The ROOT program encourages people to volunteer to protect the environment.
  • One day the group placed a cage on top of some trees to protect it from beavers.
  • The Urban Ecology Center hosts volunteer opportunities in Menomonee Valley, Riverside Park, and Washington Park.

The work is part of the center’s initiative called “ROOT, Restore the Treasures of the Outdoors.” We encourage people to volunteer to help protect the environment in their local communities.

Rosenau said the day was focused on preserving native trees such as maples and oaks.

“This is a great habitat for many animals and insects,” Rosenau said. “Some insects, called specialists, require a specific species to complete their life cycle. Oaks support a variety of specialists, which is why they are so important to the health of the entire ecosystem.” is.”

Justin Thul is one of the volunteers and a student at Marquette University. He and his classmates volunteer on the mission, but that’s not the only reason he helps out.

“Our campus is so close to downtown, there’s not a lot of nature out there, and it’s such peace and quiet, so it’s perfect for a little break from school every week or so,” Toole said. “Just coming out here and working in nature, picking up trash, watering, whatever, it’s so much fun every time.”

Rosenau said she is grateful for people like Toole who volunteer their time to restore the city’s outdoor treasures.

“This allows us to do more on land,” Rosenau said. “We provide thousands of volunteer hours each year that allow us to truly be present in the park and fulfill our mission.”

For Rosenau, its mission is to connect urban people with nature and with each other.

The Urban Ecology Center hosts volunteer opportunities through the ROOT program in Menomonee Valley, Riverside Park, and Washington Park. Click here to see all opportunities.

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