Uishe Eireann tells Environment Secretary Eamon Ryan that banning the scheme will hinder green goals



Eamon Ryan said in the letter that delays could be alleviated by “extending development exemption provisions for certain types and sizes of projects”.

Uyshe Alien has warned Environment Secretary Eamon Ryan that current planning laws are hampering the company’s ability to quickly deliver sustainability targets and green projects.

Planning delays could be alleviated by expanding development exemptions for certain types and sizes of projects, the semi-states told Ryan in a letter to Congress. sunday independent Based on a Freedom of Information request.

The Ministry of the Environment initially refused to release the correspondence, citing reasons such as a clerical error, that it was not related to the ministry’s work, and that it did not exist or could not be found.

Uisce Éireann said it believes plans that may be considered for exemption include installing renewable energy infrastructure on some of its existing sites.

The development of sludge to dry reedbeds and wetlands – a sustainable, nature-based solution for treating water and wastewater – could also benefit from an exemption in some cases.

The type and size of development that is exempt from planning permission may be determined by the relevant state agency, such as the planning authority, the Environmental Protection Agency or a government department.

Uisce Éireann said that if the company is able to develop solar, wind and hydro energy infrastructure on its sites, these power plants will reduce pressure on the national grid and meet the country’s sustainability goals. I think it may help you achieve this.

The company met Mr Ryan at one of Laois’ wetlands in June last year. A few weeks later, he wrote to her that there was an urgent need for a “triage system as we enter the planning process.”

The proposed triage could prioritize projects in the planning system that are considered to be of national importance, and would help planning and licensing authorities comply with European directives for housing planning and development applications. may be able to be dealt with quickly.

In the Uis Alien context, work at water treatment plants may be prioritized in areas where a boil water notice may be issued.

Power companies are lobbying ministers as the government plans to bring forward planning reforms. A new Planning and Development Bill, approved by Cabinet last month and aimed at making the system easier to use, is expected to be published soon.

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