Uber adds new scores to monitor environmental impact



Uber on Monday announced new features aimed at increasing user awareness about the impact of carbon dioxide emissions on the atmosphere. The feature, dubbed ‘Emissions Reduction’, is currently being rolled out and will give riders a better idea of ​​their carbon footprint based on their Uber data.

Uber provides data on CO2 emissions reductions

The company says the emissions savings feature was developed to help Uber drivers “live a low-emissions lifestyle.” In the Uber app, users can[アカウント]A new menu will appear at the bottom of the tab that will show you an estimate of the CO2 you save when taking Uber Green and Uber Comfort Electric (both options for choosing an electric car).

To make all this data easier to understand, the app displays your CO2 emissions reductions in a way that allows you to compare them. For example, the graph compares the amount of his CO2 saved to the amount of gasoline that would have been consumed if he had completed the same trip in a fuel car.

Emissions “savings” represent emissions avoided by a rider, either by directly requesting a low-emissions ride option or by matching with a zero-emission vehicle (ZEV), such as an electric vehicle. Emissions savings are calculated as the difference in CO₂ emitted from a low-emissions trip option in the Uber app and its standard-emissions counterpart.

Uber also said that since the environment is one of the main causes of Gen Alpha and Gen Z, the company will also make Uber Green and Uber Comfort Electric options available to Uber Teen account holders. This will also allow teenagers to access the newly launched emissions reduction feature.

In the future, Uber plans to include emissions statistics based on all-electric vehicle, UberX Share, electric bike, and electric scooter rides. More information about how Uber estimates its emissions reductions can be found on the company’s website.

Be sure to download the latest version of the Uber app to access the latest features.

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