UAE: Minister of Climate Change and Environment gives keynote speech at Arctic General Assembly



abu dhabi [UAE]October 28 (ANI/WAM): With COP28 just a month away, Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, will be speaking at the 10th anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly, which brings together stakeholders from around the world concerned about climate change. gave a keynote speech. The Arctic General Assembly was recently held in Iceland. The Arctic is the world’s first region to experiment and study the effects of climate change, making it an important region for ministers to discuss UAE-sponsored climate change talks and the Arctic’s role in steering climate change ahead of the impending COP28. It becomes. action conversation.

This year’s Arctic Assembly is the largest international gathering on the Arctic, comprising more than 2,000 participants from more than 60 countries, including governments, experts, civil society, scientists, students, academics, and indigenous communities. . The growth of the international community in the Arctic highlights the importance of global warming and its potentially devastating effects on the planet.

In his speech, Almheiri said: “The Arctic region is extremely important to the Earth’s climate. It plays a key role in regulating global temperatures and sea levels. Science shows that the world is warming at a rate of . Sea ice is decreasing by more than 10 percent every decade. Already, 95 percent of the Arctic’s oldest and thickest ice has melted, sea levels are rising, permafrost is thawing and greenhouse gases are being released into the atmosphere. ”

Given these hard facts, the Minister called on the assembled and influential audience to take urgent action to address the climate crisis and protect the Earth’s poles. “This requires international cooperation and a common commitment to sustainable development, and this is the model advocated by the UAE,” she said. “We believe that the best way to protect the polar regions is through a global transition to a clean energy economy, which requires a just energy transition while ensuring energy security for all. Bearing in mind, major investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency will be required,” the Minister added.

As part of mobilizing national leadership and in his role as COP28 Food Systems Lead, Mr. Almheiri used this opportunity to call for global action and encourage all countries attending the summit to build resilient food systems. , sustainable agriculture and the alignment of national food systems and agricultural strategies with nationally determined contributions, national adaptation plans and national biodiversity strategies. The Emirates Declaration, released in July, will help drive the political will needed to strengthen international efforts to develop more sustainable and equitable food systems for the future.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the Government of Iceland and the Arctic Parliament Secretariat to enhance this dialogue ahead of COP28,” the minister said. Highlighting the long-standing partnership between the UAE and Iceland, His Excellency Almheiri held high-level bilateral talks with Olafur Grímsson, former President of Iceland and Chairman of the Arctic Parliament, during which he partnership has been strengthened. Support for scientific research in the Arctic region was discussed. The dignitaries also discussed the effects of ice melt and the challenges of climate change.

Accompanying him were the UAE Ambassador to the UK, Mansour Abdullah Khalfan Verhoul, and the Non-Resident Ambassador to Iceland, who will use the opportunity during his stay in Iceland to lead carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS)2. They toured the companies Carbix and Crime Works. ). At Carbfix, his UAE delegation discovered more about mineralization, a new technology that provides a natural and permanent storage solution for emissions by turning CO2 into stone. .

The delegation also visited Carbfix, a joint venture between Iceland’s Carbfix and the Swiss group Climeworks, which specializes in direct air capture (DAC), which can capture around 4,000 tons of CO2 per year. I visited Orca, a site that aims to reduce emissions. The Orca project is the world’s first and largest direct air capture and storage facility. “Seeing the huge potential and potential to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is an exciting act of mitigating climate change emissions. We are inspired by the ability to drive growth. Through COP28, we have some great opportunities to work together to solve the world’s most pressing climate challenges with technology and innovation.” The Minister of the Environment concluded. (Ani/Wham)

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