“The district failed to provide a safe environment.”



OXFORD, MI – DECEMBER 3: The monument outside Oxford High School continues to grow on December 3, 2021 in Oxford, Michigan. On November 30th, student Ethan Crumbley opened fire, killing four students and injuring seven others.

572 pages of independent reviews. Oxford high school shooting incident It turns out that this tragedy could have been avoided if the school district had taken full responsibility from top to bottom.

Guidepost Solutions LLC has been hired by the school board through its investigative advisor, Varnum LLP, to jointly investigate the Nov. 30, 2021 shooting that left four students dead and seven others, including a teacher. It was done.

“In certain key areas, individuals at all levels of the district, from the board, to the superintendent and cabinet, to OHS administration and staff, failed to provide a safe and secure environment,” the report said.

The report says the gunman is guilty of murder and the parents will stand trial on charges of negligence towards their son, but the school district has no responsibility for the four students who were killed: Madisyn Baldwin, Tate Meyer, Justin Schilling, Hannah St. Juliana) were responsible for keeping the remaining OHS survivors and students safe, but they were “unable to do so.”

The report said responsibility was often denied and shifted elsewhere among district leadership, adding that failures and blame for inaction were acknowledged.

“Our investigation found that this tragedy could have been avoided if proper threat assessment guidelines had been in place and the district’s threat assessment policy had been followed,” the report states.

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Guidepost previously published what it called an “Independent Report on Threat and Suicide Assessment and Physical Security.”

Read the full shooting incident report below. Some details may be upsetting to some readers, so viewer discretion is advised.

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