Terrorist group urges supporters to target US and Israeli interests amid conflict between Israel and Hamas, according to an Intel bulletin



Al Qaeda affiliates and Hezbollah have called on their supporters to target U.S. and Israeli interests in response to the incident. conflict between israel and hamas President Biden’s visit to the region, according to an intelligence bulletin reviewed by CBS News.

Officials say there is no concrete or credible threat, but a two-page “situational awareness alert” by the New York State Counterterrorism Bureau highlights a heightened threat environment. Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) has warned its supporters that it is calling on its supporters to attack people and interests in the United States, Britain and France because of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. It also noted that during Biden’s visit to Israel on Wednesday, Hezbollah called for an “unprecedented day of outrage” against Israel and the United States.

about, Explosion at Al-Ahli Al-Mandani Hospital in Gaza Citythe evaluation predicted that it would be used to incite violence.

Regardless of who is responsible, this assessment suggests that the explosion, which Palestinian officials said killed hundreds of people, was linked to online attacks aimed at provoking supporters into retaliation and acts of violence. This suggests that it could be used for violent extremist propaganda. Israelis and Palestinians have blamed each other for the hospital explosion, but President Biden said Wednesday that Pentagon data shows Israel is not responsible.

Still, the assessment predicts that the explosion is “likely to continue to provoke a public outcry and a coordinated response, requiring increased situational awareness among Israeli government sites/interests in New York.”

On Tuesday, the NYPD announced it was directing all officers to report in uniform until further notice and postponing training for all departments until further notice.

The New York City Police Department pointed out In a statement Wednesday “There is still no concrete, credible threat to New York City,” it said, adding: “Tensions have increased since the October 7 attack on Israel.”

“The NYPD is doing everything we can to prevent future acts of violence in our city. However, we know that ongoing events abroad may resonate with people at home. “This is difficult to predict,” the statement continued.

CBS News also reviewed a State Department diplomatic security cable circulated Wednesday that required all diplomatic posts to convene an emergency action committee, also known as the EAC.

This is an important step in establishing the Emergency Action Committee (EAC). The organization is responsible for crisis management in diplomatic locations and speaks to an increasingly volatile threat environment for U.S. operations at home and abroad.

The alert said regional security personnel and Emergency Action Committee officials should be vigilant about security from vulnerable locations and host countries.

The cable called on all these committees to confirm that the reviews have been carried out and completed.

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