Teenage Japanese Go player Nakamura says he needs a more competitive environment



Sumire Nakamura, a teenage Japanese Go player, said she decided to move her professional base to South Korea because she believed she needed to learn the game in a more competitive environment.

The 14-year-old middle school student said at a press conference on Monday that he started considering moving to South Korea around June of this year. She said she believes playing in South Korea will help her become more competitive as the country has many strong players of traditional board games and focuses on international competitions. she said.

Nakamura has applied to the Korean Go Association to play in South Korea as a visiting player starting next year. Her application was approved at last Thursday’s association board meeting.

Nakamura will begin competing in South Korea in March, and in principle will not be able to participate in the title match in Japan.

At the age of 10, she became the youngest professional player at the time, and in February of this year, she won the Women’s Kisei title, making her the youngest holder of a domestic women’s major title.

Regarding the four years since he became a pro, Nakamura said that he felt that time was important as he had various experiences to grow himself.

When asked what kind of player he wanted to be after starting his career in South Korea, he answered that he wanted to become a strong player who was respected. She added that she aims to compete in the Korean league, which is full of top-level Go players.

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