Ted Nugent slams climate change ‘bull talk’ as fraud



Musician Ted Nugent denounced climate change as a scam on a recent episode of his podcast Spirit Campfire, falsely claiming that global warming is “bull.”

“For your brain to believe the big talk of global warming, you need the right knowledge,” Nugent says. “If you believe that, you have sh, meaning brain. While you were sleeping, someone opened your skull and brought trash inside your skull.”

Nugent is known for her role in the Amboy Dukes Band and her successful solo career, but she has also made controversial statements that have weighed heavily on the Democratic Party, transgender rights, and the COVID-19 pandemic. , has become a conservative voice for science-backed opposition to climate change.

Nugent also attacked electric cars on his podcast, calling them a scam. He said people “have to be mentally ill to believe in electric cars” and to believe that “wind turbines are better than coal, oil, natural gas and propane.”

Nugent, a big supporter of former President Trump, also called President Biden the devil.

“He dismantled the American dream,” Nugent said, adding that the current state of the country is a frightening story.

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