TCU Pickleball Club creates a welcoming environment for beginners and experienced players



With more than 1,000 members at TCU Engage, the Pickleball Club welcomes students of all skill levels to come play pickleball for leisure or competition.

This sport has recently become a popular activity among many college students and families. As more restaurants open with pickleball courts integrated into the dining experience, such as Courtside Kitchen at 615 Rogers Road in Fort Worth, more people are getting hooked on the growing sport.

The TCU Pickleball Club is run by junior speech pathology major Lily VanDixhorn.

Lily VanDixhorn, junior speech pathology major and TCU Pickleball Club President; (Sarah Smith)

“The whole idea of ​​this club is just to create an environment where people can just come hang out, play pickleball and compete with each other,” Lily VanDixhorn said. “I want people to join the club and have fun.”

“This is a community,” said Ellison Norwood, a sophomore data science major and member of the club. “The sense of community that you don’t find in other sports is what I’ve always loved about pickleball.”

“There are some tough games and you’re up against some talented people within the club, but it’s always easy going,” Norwood said.

Some members compete professionally for those who want to play in a more competitive environment. There are also tournaments that members can participate in through TCU and tournaments outside the university.

Several members of the club recently traveled to Houston, Texas to compete in and win the Texas Regional Tournament. In November, competitive pickleball club members travel to Atlanta, Georgia to compete in a national tournament.

Jack Jacobson, a sophomore finance and accounting double major, said he loves the competition within the club.

“It’s fun to get out here and compete once or twice a week just to have fun,” he said.

The club allows members to meet at their convenience every Tuesday at 6:30 pm and Friday at 3 pm on the TCU Tennis Courts behind Greek Village to play pickleball.

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