Tasmanian Green Party MP | Labor’s environmental policy is totally inadequate



A month into the election campaign, Labor has finally announced its environmental policy. Unfortunately for Tasmania, however, most of these consist of existing measures that are woefully inadequate.

Given the disdain Liberal politicians have shown for Tasmania’s environment over the past decade, it’s no surprise that they took the same approach this election campaign. The only policy they have announced in relation to our environment is to pursue further destruction of endangered species habitats and high conservation value forests.

Unfortunately, while the Liberal Party’s environmental policy does not exist, Labor’s policy is mostly a rehash of existing pledges and is full of gaping holes. They refuse to take even the most basic step of introducing emissions targets for each sector of the economy.

Labor’s stance on the environment is evidenced by the fact that it supports the Liberal Party’s policy of deforestation for at least another 16 years. Not only that, but their environmental policy consists mostly of policies that the Liberal Party has committed to and already implemented.

Of course, we welcome further funding for Parks and Wildlife Service and Landcare, as well as the announcement of a ban on single-use plastics. But a party in Tassie that is serious about the environment would work on stronger environmental laws, forest and nature protection, emissions targets across sectors of the economy, and ensuring endangered species are protected rather than driven to extinction. Dew.

Our message to Tasmanians who value our unique environment is simple. For real change, we need not only a new government, but also a Green Party to hold the balance of power.

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