Sustainable Aviation Fuel Sustainability Guide for Corporate Buyers



Not all sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) are equally sustainable. This is the main takeaway from a new briefing from his TravelSmart campaign to guide businesses looking to purchase and invest in his SAF for transportation, environment and corporate travel. The new guide will provide businesses with detailed information about sustainable fuels and how to read the “green” labels often placed next to them.

Companies need to have insight to make reliable choices when it comes to choosing green fuels. They should avoid purchasing crop-based biofuels at all costs and prioritize building toward synthetic fuels (known as e-kerosene) over other types of biofuels. why?

  • If manufactured correctly, electronic kerosene Possibly close to CO2-neutral.
  • On the other hand, sustainability biofuel It’s even more questionable since it’s only available in very limited quantities. Crop-derived biofuel Competing with food security. waste-based biofuel (derived from used cooking oil, animal fat, or forest residue) is more sustainable, but suffers from limited availability and competing uses in other industries.

The guide also warns that Purchasing SAF does not mean flying in SAF. SAFs are only manufactured in a limited number of locations and are not physically available at all airports. As a result, most airlines and fuel producers physically Although SAF environmental attributes S.A.F.

More and more corporate SAF schemes are being set up by airlines and fuel suppliers, as well as travel management platforms and corporate partnerships. However, companies cannot choose the type of his SAF they want to support. therefore, cCompanies will need to negotiate with airlines and fuel suppliers to have a say in the types of SAFs they want to support.

Want to learn more about how companies can implement and invest in SAFs in a sustainable way? Check out our guide for more do’s and don’ts.

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