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The Tufts University Admissions Office emphasizes on its website that the student body is “socially active.” Thanks to the dedicated efforts of groupbelongs to tissue collegethis word is not just an ideal, but a reality.

Jonathan The M. Tisch College of Civic Life aims to “prepare students for lifelong participation in civic and democratic life.” Related organizations, etc. JumboVote, Collaboration and Innovation in Citizenship, and Promoting Civic Thought in our Country We will help achieve this vision.

According to Alex LundyCo-chair of JumboVote Perhaps the most important way to participate in American democracy is to vote.

“Voting is obviously an important part of civic engagement, and it’s an important part of what Tufts stands for in many ways,” Lundy said.

JumboVote is a nonpartisan organization at Tufts University that works to provide students with the resources and information they need to help them vote. their Website is packed with important links and timelines that reduce what can be a stressful process to just a few clicks of a button.

Lundy emphasized why it is so important to facilitate this process and vote in local elections, even in off-year election cycles.

“As elections become increasingly nationalized, it is critical that we continue to vote in local elections and ensure that our voices are heard not only in the so-called important elections at the national level… but also at the local level.” Randy said. He said. “As the saying goes, all politics is local.”

Gathering critical resources such as the TurboVote platform, social media reminders and Even a shuttle service to physically take students to the polling place., JumboVote members work hard to ensure Tufts University students have their voices heard.

Additionally, JumboVote works with New England organizations like NESCAC Votes and ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge to promote civic engagement, and Tufts even hopes to host a NESCAC Votes conference in February.

But will their efforts really pay off?

according to data According to research collected by the National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement, the answer is a resounding yes. More than three-quarters of Tufts’ population is registered to vote, and Tufts’ student body outperformed the national registration rate in both 2016 and 2018.

“As we have seen, enrollment rates at Tufts University have increased significantly in recent years. And that is also true for Tufts University student turnout and Tufts University student turnout rates. Our efforts are clearly having an impact,” Lundy said.

While it is essential to provide Tufts University students with up-to-date information about voting opportunities, it is also important to stay aware of contemporary political issues that may impact your vote.

Here is civic will appear.

Connor DeBoda, cPresident of CIVIC, The group explained that it is dedicated to providing a forum to discuss a wide range of political issues, from issues affecting the Tufts community to global issues.

“CIVIC is a nonpartisan discussion group. Our focus is…not on debate, but on really focusing on debate and bridging the political divide.” Deboda said.

Meetings every Monday night at the Mayer Campus Center, CIVIC students participate in moderated discussions and Follow rules such as “be kind before saying the right thing” and “listen intentionally and speak purposefully.”

Everyone, regardless of political affiliation, has the opportunity to share their unique perspective. This he believes DeBoda is essential for CIVIC to function.

“I think we’re doing a pretty good job of making sure we hear all the different perspectives,” DeBoda said. “We have a very good relationship with the Tufts Democratic Party and the Tufts Republican Party, and both of them come to our meetings from time to time.”

With exciting events such as the annual Tufts Democratic vs. Tufts Republican debate, CIVIC is a great organization for students who are passionate about politics, as well as those just starting to get involved in politics. CIVIC will provide an information summary sheet at each meeting, providing basic information on each topic. Additionally, CIVIC helps teach participants how to express their opinions successfully and respectfully.

“We live in a highly polarized society, and conversations that bridge political differences, bring people together, and provide opportunities to hear from all kinds of perspectives on all sorts of issues… We’re trying to give individuals the tools to get involved,” Ms. Deboda said.

Tufts University students are very civically active on campus, but their activism doesn’t stop there. ACTION aims to educate young generations about the importance of civic engagement.

according to Ashley XieDirector of Community Outreach for ACTION, the club’s primary goal is to promote youth participation in the civic life of the Boston area.

“ACTION was founded by Tufts University students who are passionate about civic education and advocacy,” Xie said. “Our primary goal is to encourage youth civic engagement and participation in the greater Boston area. We accomplish this by facilitating workshops. small scale A project that encourages citizen participation. We are serious about uplifting and empowering young people.Seth. …To accomplish this, we have both on-campus and off-campus events. ”

ACTION has held workshops for children of all ages in many schools, including the Cambridge Public School System. By educating young students in the greater Boston area, ACTION aims to develop a generation of civic-minded leaders equipped to address political issues.

The enthusiasm of the young students is what makes the job so rewarding for Xie.

“They all have great ideas that they want to share, so it’s really inspiring for us to see how excited they are,” Xie said.

Despite these particularly difficult political times, Xie is hopeful for a future led by Tufts students and today’s youth.

“Politics can sometimes divide us,” Xie said. “But at the end of the day, we just want to see positive change moving forward. [see] Those around us will succeed. ”

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