Spreading the message of environmental sensitivity through art: KGAF’s Nandita Chowdhury |



of Kala Ghoda Art Festival has opened, and once again we have the opportunity to witness the best works and presentations in visual arts, culture, theatre, film, music, dance, literature and more.


artist nandita chowdhuryThe actress, who created a large-scale art installation at Cross Maidan Gardens, is visibly excited as she talks about her passion project. She said: “I have 12 huge, intricately painted sculptures of her, each one… golden wings Each wing is approximately 5 feet wide and weighs 60 kg.middle sculpture It stands 15 feet tall, including the 3 foot tall base. Then there are his eight sculptural rings, about 8 to 12 feet tall. Then there are 6 big balls. Made of fiberglass and metal rods, each of these is real and all have wings. Because we believe we should all have wings to fly. The sculptures installed in the Cross Maidan Gardens are illuminated with focus lights, and all 12 characters with golden wings shine in all their glory at night. ”
Nandita has had exhibitions and installations all over the world, but her heart is in Mumbai. “I grew up in Mumbai and Mumbai is in my heart. Anything related to Mumbai interests me and the Kala Ghoda festival is iconic and is growing bigger every year. is currently one of the most important cultural festivals in India and I am honored to be a part of it. All my sculptures are lacquered in gold and are huge. It is the biggest one of the year I think it will be something that will tower over Mumbai. This has never been shown before.”
Regarding the title of her work, she says: panchabootham Or the five elements of nature. These elements exist both in the universe and within us, and through my work I hope to bring about empathy towards the environment and each other. I feel strongly that artists should spread the message. sensitivity We work towards the environment and sustainability through our art. ”


Nandita, who completed her Master’s degree in Fine Arts in London, has exhibited her work at various biennales over the years. “I am primarily a painter and work with multimedia, and have created many sculptures and installations around the world. Paintings are only 2D, so I like to do more with 3D works. Just as you can express, you can express more in sculpture.”

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