Sports help normalize CDCR environment



Through sports, incarcerated participants learn teamwork, build trust, and create a more normal environment in CDCR institutions.

Mule Creek State Prison population soccer team wins 5-3

On Friday, Sept. 8, Mule Creek State Prison invited Prison Fellowship to have a soccer match against the population from D and E yard. The Prison Fellowship staff and volunteers also held religious services on Facility E.

Jason Ross, Community Resources Manager; Troy Fennel, Prison Fellowship; Michael Johnson and Hongsup Kim, Media Specialists; and Coach Andrew Scholl with the full support of Warden Patrick Covello came together to play a soccer match on the Facility E Yard.

The Prison Fellowship and the population at Mule Creek played a fast-paced and intense soccer match. In the end, Mule Creek claimed the win with 5-3.

On display was a very positive demonstration of sportsmanship, skill, and teamwork. The population showed that they can come together as a team and conducted themselves in a way that shows positive reinforcement of their rehabilitation.

Submitted by Lt. Beau Campbell, AA/PIO
Mule Creek State Prison

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