Speculation as a method in the environmental humanities: A small informal workshop.



This practical workshop explores the place of reflection and reflective writing in environmental humanities research. In dialogue with five eminent scholars, students approach their own and others’ ongoing research through the lens of speculation, gaining a sense of the richness of thought and analytical possibilities, as well as its risks and pitfalls. feed. their own research.

This workshop is aimed at postgraduate students and is open to any University of Sydney student with an interest in environmental humanities. This workshop will be held exclusively at the University of Sydney.

Registration is limited to 10 people. To register your attendance, please contact sei.events@sydney.edu.au.


Bring something from your own research that you are comfortable sharing and want to start working in a reflective mode. It’s something that you find challenging, puzzling, interesting, something that confuses you or you don’t know how to approach, or something that’s just really cool that you want to share and develop. maybe. “Something” can be an observation, an event, an interview, an object, or anything else that seems to serve as a relevant starting point. No matter what stage you are at, be prepared to explain to an unfamiliar audience what you are bringing to the workshop, why it is brought to the workshop, and where it fits within the larger framework of your research project.

Before the workshop, share a folder containing reading materials. Be prepared to discuss these texts from the perspective of your own research.


Associate Professor Hugo ReinertUniversity of Oslo

Dr. Anna-Catherina LabousièreUniversity of Oslo

Associate Professor Rachel Douglas JonesCopenhagen IT University

Dr. Matthew ChuruCurtin University

Associate Professor Tom Van DorenUniversity of Sydney

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