Somali Environment Minister visits CCCPA to strengthen cooperation on Egypt’s CRSP initiative



The Cairo Center for International Conflict Resolution, Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding (CCCPA) hosted the visit of Somalia’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Khadija Al-Makhzumi. The visit aimed to strengthen cooperation in the Climate Response for Peacekeeping (CRSP) initiative launched by Egypt as COP27 Presidency. The initiative aims to mobilize an integrated climate response that promotes sustainable peace and development, in line with country ownership and the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

CCCPA Director-General Ahmed Abdel Latif welcomed Minister Al Makhzoumi and said the Center is committed to its partnership with Somalia, taking into account the strong bilateral relations between the two countries and the direction of the political leadership to further support Somalia. He expressed his eagerness to strengthen the system.

At a high-level ceremony attended by Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry, the CCCPA Directorate announced the activities that the Center has been organizing as the CRSP Secretariat since its establishment in Sharm el-Sheikh last year. I briefed the Minister about the training course. Many dignitaries gathered from Africa and abroad. He highlighted a training course on “Climate-Responsive Programming for Peacekeeping” held last September in cooperation with the African Union. The training course was attended by Somali officials in addition to other African stakeholders.

Minister Al Makhzoumi praised the historic achievements of COP27 and strengthened the link between climate, peace and development through the CRSP initiative, which reflects Egypt’s commitment to strengthening multilateralism and promoting international cooperation on climate action and peace. He praised Egypt’s leadership in tackling the issue. He noted that Somalia faces unique challenges due to climate change, including resource scarcity, escalating conflict, and forced migration. He also highlighted the efforts of Somalia’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to address these challenges through promoting climate adaptation, increasing access to climate finance, building community resilience, and fostering the participation of women and youth.

During his visit, Minister Al Makhzoumi also met with a number of CRSP partners and discussed ways to strengthen cooperation in the implementation of this initiative. The prime minister expressed his gratitude for Egypt’s support to Somalia in the fight against terrorism and other areas, and the role of the CCCPA in operationalizing the CRSP initiative and building Africa’s capacity to address the climate, peace and security interface. praised.

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