Som Castellano named interim director of the Human Environmental Systems Program



Rebecca Som Castellano

Rebecca Som Castellano, professor in the School of Environment and School of Sociology, was recently appointed interim director of the Human Environmental Systems Group, known on campus as HES.

Som Castellano said, “I am honored to have been chosen as interim director of HES and look forward to the further evolution of the School of Environmental Studies over the next year.”

This fall, the Human Environmental Systems Group officially became part of the College of Arts and Sciences’ School of Environmental Studies. For more information about this move, see the article “Human Environmental Systems Group establishes new home in Faculty of Environmental Studies.”

“We could not be more pleased and grateful that Dr. Som Castellano has accepted this role. The HES Group is an important part of SOE,” said Kevin Ferris, Dean of the School of Environmental Studies. Ta. “We are fortunate to have Dr. Castellano’s leadership in facilitating the transition of HES to his SOE and College of Arts and Sciences. It is great to work with Rebecca in this capacity. I look forward to a fun, productive and fruitful year.”

For more information about Som Castellano’s role and work, please visit the HES website.

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