Shell’s withdrawal from Niger Delta raises concerns about environmental liability



The report calls on Shell to address its extensive legacy of environmental pollution and safely decommission abandoned oil infrastructure in the Niger Delta before withdrawing from the region.

Report by Sandra Laville The is a guardian.

in short:

  • As Shell prepares to exit the Niger Delta, it faces demands to address its legacy of pollution and safely decommission its oil infrastructure.
  • A report by the Center for Multinational Enterprise Research highlights how Shell is avoiding cleanup responsibilities despite making significant profits from the region.
  • Transparency issues and a lack of funding for decommissioning have been major challenges, and Shell has been accused of shirking its long-term environmental responsibilities.

Main quotation:

“Shell pulled off the ultimate Houdini act.”

— Audrey Goran, Executive Director, Center for Multinational Enterprise Studies

Why this is important:

Shell’s withdrawal from the Niger Delta without addressing environmental damage could set a dangerous precedent for corporate liability around the world.

This development comes amid widespread evidence of non-compliance with plugging requirements in the traditional oil and gas industry. For example, concerns have been raised that Diversified Energy, the largest oil and gas well owner in the United States, could abandon up to 70,000 oil and gas wells across Appalachia without proper closure. .

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