Shapiro’s energy plan boosts Pennsylvania’s economy and environment



Gov. Josh Shapiro recently announced a new energy initiative for Pennsylvania that aims to create approximately 15,000 jobs in the energy sector, lower electricity bills for residents, combat climate change, and ensure the state’s energy independence. A plan was introduced. The plan has support from both labor and industry leaders and highlights the potential to build on Pennsylvania’s history of energy leadership, with an emphasis on job creation and cost savings.

Key labor leaders, including Pennsylvania Building and Construction Industry Chairman Rob Baer and Western Pennsylvania Laborers District Council President Philip Ameris, expressed support for the plan. They emphasized the importance of legislative action to implement the governor’s proposal and the opportunities this plan presents for workers in building future energy projects such as hydrogen and nuclear.

Industry representatives also supported the governor’s plan, including Mark Schneider, president of Cordia’s eastern region, and Nick Deuliis, president and CEO of CNX Resources Corporation. They emphasized its role in promoting economic growth, reducing emissions and leveraging Pennsylvania’s natural resources. The plan is seen as a step toward modernizing the state’s energy mix and increasing its competitive advantage.

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