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SATO Co., Ltd. Press Release November 8, 2023 10:00 am

The area around Puotila Metro Station, Pujos Shopping Center and Store Cultural Center is envisioned as a new Helsinki Eastern City Center. SATO is involved in the future development of the Itekeskus area as part of the project developer group.

In 2019-2020, the City of Helsinki held a planning competition for the development of the Itekeskus and Puotila districts. SATO participated in the competition as part of a consortium, and its proposal won second place in the competition. After the competition, the consortium applied for a development reservation in this area and developed a new residential block (called Helminauha – The String of Pearls) adjacent to the Pujos Shopping Center, in the block between Corshormanti and Itavaira streets. was tasked with. Around Puotila subway station. The developer group worked with the City of Helsinki to develop the plan, taking into account a variety of perspectives, interests and objectives.

“We have been developing our plans based on the feedback we received in the competition and more specific goals. A more intensive development phase began last fall, and in early summer we sought comments from Helsinki residents to develop our plans. A concrete plan has been submitted. This plan has attracted a lot of interest from local residents and businesses, and we have received opinions for and against it. Our goal now is to create a final plan for the reform of this area. It’s about making a plan,” says Sato, Real Estate Development Manager. Aunty Lane.

Previously, various development plans had been proposed for the Pujos and Puotila areas, but implementation has proven difficult. Now seems like the right time for a change.

“The area covered by the land use plan is part of a larger whole that we call Helsinki East Urban Center. In an area connected to mainline intersections, the City of Helsinki aims to transform this area from a suburban center to an urban center by creating a sustainable mobility environment with a focus on pedestrian facilities. Housing will be built right next to the service facilities, the expansion of the cultural center store and significant improvements to the public environment will further enhance the area’s attractiveness.” Mikko NeveriChief architect of the City of Helsinki’s Urban Environment Department.

Current development projects pay particular attention not only to structural solutions, but also to the arrangement of functions within the area. In addition, implementers, who are project builders and development partners such as his SATO, are also included in the planning process from the beginning.

“This allows for better consideration of cooperation and feasibility from the planning stage, significantly increasing the likelihood that these plans will actually be implemented,” said SATO’s Antti Laine.

Planning for the area will continue until the end of 2025, after which construction is expected to begin. His first SATO property is expected to be completed in the area in the late 2020s.

What is the purpose of the development of the Pujos and Puotila areas?

The City of Helsinki aims to transform the Itekeskus area into a more urban centre. The plan drawn up by the developer group will create a more balanced and diverse urban structure, with a mix of residential buildings and commercial functions within the same district and block. The initial plan for 2020 and beyond has been further fleshed out and its feasibility has been ensured.

“We have further considered aspects such as the impact of noise from surrounding traffic and technical issues such as how to account for this in the exact dimensions of the building and the direction it will face.” explains Lane.

The plan features new residential and business land suitable for a range of services in the area around Puotila metro station. This process also includes identifying viable concepts for a grocery store and hotel. At the same time, the area near the entrances and exits of subway stations will also become a more comfortable space. The goal is a more urban structure that allows for better walking routes and transport connections, as well as improved local services.

“The plan aims to create a new center for Puotila, provide housing and services with good transport links, improve walking and cycling connections in the area and make the area around the metro ticket office more comfortable. to transform it into an active urban space that blends naturally into the existing surrounding area. “The residential areas of Puotinharju and Puotila are currently separated by Itavaira road, but the new center will connect them with each other,” says the architect. Mikko Zumanen From K2S Architects Co., Ltd.

Pujos Shopping Center, Cultural Center Store and surrounding area will be developed. The current owners and the City of Helsinki are responsible for the transformation of Pujos Shopping Center. A consortium headed by SATO is planning a new residential block behind Pujos, approximately on the site of a previously planned unfinished church building.

“The new residential block brings housing closer to services. The Itekeskus area has a strong focus on commercial functions and the aim of this new development is to also introduce a large amount of new housing into the center of Itekeskus. This will create a more traditional urban structure where commercial and residential construction coexist harmoniously,” says Lane.

“The residential block called Helminauha completes the unfinished northern side of Store Square and forms a clear background in the urban landscape as you arrive from Tallinn Nanaukio Square. A meandering series of buildings of different heights surrounds A new vibrant shopping street will be created between the Pujos Shopping Center and the residential area of ​​Helminauha. “It is part of a broader development of the area to a higher whole,” says the architect. Tukka Vuori Playa Architects Ltd points out:

Living comfort increases with the development of urban environments

SATO is a long-term property owner in the Itekeskus and Puotila areas. The development of an area leads to improved services and an evolution of the urban environment, not only for the future residents of new housing, but also for those currently living in the area.

“As one of the current property owners in the area, SATO has a natural interest in developing this area as it will also improve services and transport links close to the current residential buildings. We believe this is the perfect location for the new housing development and we want to be actively involved in providing new housing opportunities,” said Antti Lane, Director of Real Estate Development at SATO.

At the same time, SATO also has smaller development projects underway in the region. The company is currently considering projects involving complementary buildings in conjunction with SATO-owned properties in Puotinharju and Puotila, and is planning several property renovation projects. It is important for SATO to develop both the real estate it owns and its urban environment.

“I believe that the surrounding urban environment is just as important as the home when it comes to resident comfort and integration. We want our residents to enjoy their home and its environment for decades to come. We want to have it,” Lane said.

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photograph: K2S, Playa Architects

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