San Fermin creates a truly “strange environment”



Brooklyn eight-piece band San Fermin (pronounced “san-far-meen”) is set to release their fifth studio album. arm, next month (February 16th). The opening track “Weird Environment” sets the tone for the entire album with hard vocals delivered in a soft and gentle manner.

“You burned my life to the ground.
Empty Hungry Ghost
I wrote a sad song to share it with the world.
Even if it helped, I just didn’t notice. ”

The lyrics, delivered in such a soft tone, definitely create a “strange environment” 😉 But what really makes this song stand out is its humorous approach to heartache. Elise Ludwig-Leone can sing about something we’ve all experienced: breakups, without sounding angry or resentful. The lyrics are subversive, but they come through with a “that’s it” vibe.

“This song is about the disorientation of a breakup, how your whole world suddenly feels fake and uncomfortable,” Ludwig-Leone said. “I wanted the music to always be rushing forward. If you don’t keep moving, you’ll drown.”

There are many breakup songs in the world, some good and some bad. It’s easy to use for many artists, but how do you make it unique? San Fermin does a great job of approaching this topic from a new perspective. Listening to the sound alone, “Weird Environment” could be interpreted as a happy song.

“When your life is turned upside down, there is humor mixed in with the sadness and confusion,” Ludwig-Leone added.

Ludwig-Leone’s vocals are joined by the harmonies of the rest of the band, and the smooth guitar and horn section blend very well together.

Sanfermin Arms album cover art

We look forward to hearing the full album next month and seeing them live when they visit Colorado in March.

Colorado Sound will perform San Fermin on March 24th at Grove Hall in Denver. Please see our concert calendar for more information.

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