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Members of the San Carlos Children’s Theater (SCCT) play a big role in community involvement by handing out candy to trick-or-treaters outside their restaurants. Piper Nguyen, a member of the children’s theater, said, “It’s important to hold community events so that people in town can get to know each other better.”

of Mr. Miss. The Carlos Goblin Walk provided a safe environment for young children and their parents to enjoy trick-or-treating before Halloween.

This year's event was held on October 27th in downtown laurel streetlocal businesses and organizations provided candy and spooky environments for trick-or-treaters ages 7 and under.

The annual Goblin Walk aims to give young children a safe opportunity to connect with their local community. Participants include Laurel Street businesses, organizations, local firefighters and police officers, and San Carlos-based school clubs.

“Goblin Walk provides a safe trick-or-treating experience for young children, for some of whom this is their first trick-or-treating experience,” said Goblin Walk member Lauren.・Mr. Schneider said. San Carlos Parks and Recreation Commission.

This event began 11 years ago in 2012 with the support of the Parks and Recreation Commission, which actively supported the event.

The San Carlos Parks and Recreation Commission dressed up as traffic cones and walked up and down Laurel Street to engage with the community. (Wesley Kron)

This year, the committee dressed up as traffic cones moving up and down Laurel Street, periodically posing for photos with visitors and forming a formation to "protect visitors."

The committee is responsible for creating a safe environment for children, and includes tasks such as closing Laurel Street for the afternoon and contacting businesses to see if they want to participate. was.

"We're happy to see local businesses participating in Goblin Walk and attracting people who may not have visited before," Schneider said.

Businesses and their owners gifted candy to excited trick-or-treaters, some physically handing out candy and others handing out candy for children to enjoy.

One of the organizations participating this year was San Carlos Children's Theater (SCCT) had volunteer members come and hand out candy.

"I think it's great to get out there and do something good for the community, and it gets our name out there," said Eve Dutton, SCCT's marketing manager. said. “Many young families don’t know about SCCT or the community events that allow us to be involved and contribute to our community.”

Another group seen participating in the Goblin Walk were local San Carlos firefighters who stopped by before continuing their shift. They took photos with parents and children who came to their cars and answered questions.

"It's always a good time to get out and get involved in the community and talk to people," said Chris DiBenedetto, one of the firefighters who attended the event.

Participating businesses, organizations, and essential workers all worked together to create a safe and inviting environment for the children who visited. Additionally, Goblin Walk was limited to off-limits Laurel Street, so parents could enjoy trick-or-treating with their kids without worrying about their kids getting hurt.

"Our family always loves volunteering and participating in events like this," said Mei Li, a local parent. “Events like this give us a great opportunity to connect with the community.”

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