Renesas launches cloud-based environment to accelerate development and evaluation of in-vehicle AI software



Tokyo Japan – Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today launched a new cloud-based development environment aimed at streamlining the software design process for automotive AI engineers. The new platform, AI Workbench, is a unified virtual development environment that enables automotive AI engineers to design, simulate, and fine-tune automotive software, all in the cloud.

This environment allows engineers to quickly start designing automotive software by leveraging Microsoft Azure services such as Azure Compute, IaaS services, Microsoft Entra ID, and Azure Security. Instead of installing tools on your PC or obtaining evaluation boards, you can use simulation tools online to perform performance evaluation, debugging, verification, and more. This approach is consistent with a “shift left” approach that allows software to be created and tested early in the design cycle, even before actual hardware is available. For example, he developed his AI-enabled application software to support ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and autonomous driving for the upcoming 5th generation R-Car system-on-chip (SoC) before hardware samples were available. It is possible to start. This environment serves as an integrated development platform for designing and testing Renesas’ scalable automotive SoCs and microcontrollers (MCUs), regardless of product type or application.

“We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft, a leading cloud technology provider, to introduce a cloud-based virtual development and AI model performance testing environment for automotive AI engineers,” he said. Mandali Khalesi, Renesas Global VP of HPC AI and Cloud Technologies. “We are working to improve the AI ​​development environment through new features such as continuous monitoring and analysis of software usage.”

“Cloud-based development is a secure and cost-effective way to address the increasing complexity of today’s embedded projects. The collaboration between Renesas and Microsoft will address this challenge and accelerate the digital transformation of the automotive industry. It is intended to.” Ulrich Homann, Corporate Vice President and Lead Architect for Cloud + AI at Microsoft, said: “Renesas AI Workbench enables developers to efficiently build and test software for a myriad of applications using Renesas SoCs in a cloud-based environment powered by Azure.”

AI Workbench currently includes four functional blocks: Renesas plans to enhance its products in the future with additional features such as selected features and customization options to support various development processes.

  1. Upgraded AI compiler toolchain
    Renesas is upgrading its SoC AI compiler toolchain with a new “Hybrid Compiler (HyCo)” architecture, available through the AI ​​Workbench. Developed in-house, the new HyCo architecture and kernel libraries enable engineers to create a broader range of AI models and ONNX operators beyond the scope of existing third-party hardware accelerator compilers available on Renesas SoCs such as DSPs and NPUs. Allows you to free up range.
  2. AI model performance test environment
    Renesas provides developers with NNPerf, an online testing environment for evaluating the performance of AI models running on live Renesas SoCs with the latest hybrid AI compiler. Testing does not require evaluation boards and is performed on real hardware within Renesas’ global device farm. The ability to batch code programs, run real-time inference tests, and compare performance between different AI models allows application engineers to estimate trade-offs between models, memory footprint, latency, and more to make decisions. Masu.
  3. Software development environment
    Microsoft’s code editor, Visual Studio Code (VSCode), and Renesas’ software development kit (SDK) are both available in the cloud. A suite of tools allows developers to launch a development environment on the cloud in minutes. A developer can customize an independent development environment and perform all design work using only her web browser on a PC.
  4. Software evaluation/verification environment
    Renesas also provides an environment where developers can test and validate application software using AI models defined in the AI ​​model performance testing tool NNPerf. This includes simulators such as SILS (Software in the Loop Simulator) and HILS (Hardware in the Loop Simulator) that allow users to verify behavior designed for their specific AI application.


AI Workbench will be available in limited preview in January 2024. Renesas plans to expand the availability of AI Workbench starting in Q2 2024 and create similar environments for other major cloud services in the future. Additionally, Renesas will consider integrating tools provided by R-Car consortium partners into its cloud environment to improve efficiency. For more information about AI Workbench, visit

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