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“Before using Gardin, I was primarily focused on the climatic conditions inside the greenhouse. I tried to make sure the settings were as optimal as possible for the plants. With Gardin, I was able to understand the effects of climatic conditions based on the plants themselves. This will allow us to control the climate in our greenhouses more specifically and measure the impact of changes more quickly,” says Dutch family-run company Fromboer, currently headed by brothers Arjan and Leonard. says co-founder Leonard Bohr.

The Bohr brothers say a major obstacle to increasing their farm’s potential is the lack of direct feedback from the plants after changing climate strategies, so they can effectively fine-tune each lettuce variety. I realized that my ability to adjust was delayed. Keen to maintain their pioneering position in lettuce cultivation and fill this gap, they turned to Gardin and its breakthrough plant photosynthesis sensor.

Since 1968, FromBoer has thrived on continuous innovation. His four-hectare facility in Dinterooort, the Netherlands, is widely regarded in the industry as a benchmark for innovation and sustainable practices.

Leonard and Arjan Bohr

Plant-led cultivation
FromBoer grows seven types of lettuce directly from seed and supplies fresh produce to supermarkets across Europe. But this diversity poses unique challenges for Leonard, as each lettuce variety has specific needs for temperature, light, humidity and nutrients. Balancing these requirements to optimize the productivity of all varieties throughout the year is a complex task even for a grower with extensive horticultural knowledge like Fromboer, who has to fine-tune the preferences of each plant. must be understood.

Since the summer of 2023, Fromboer and Gardin have embarked on a journey to implement plant-driven cultivation practices and drive greenhouse management decisions based on direct measurements of plant physiology. “Using Gardin’s sensors, we were able to get real-time feedback on how lettuce plants are responding to their environment. This advancement moves us from relying on intuition to quantifying plant Now we can move to decision-making based on photosynthetic activity.”

Gardin sensors installed at FromBoer facility

Responding to change
Plant-driven cultivation allows growers to quickly respond to changes in the growing environment and evaluate the effectiveness of their decisions. The collaboration between FromBoer and Gardin resulted in improvements in key areas such as VPD (vapor pressure deficit) control, lighting efficiency, and irrigation strategy. This data-driven approach to optimizing plants helps growers refine their practices over time, delivering progressively better results in terms of both yield and resource efficiency.

FromBoer and Gardin’s story reveals an exciting step toward change for the future of agriculture. This points to a future where growers can interact and respond directly to their crops and continually refine their cultivation strategies based on plant feedback. FromBoer doesn’t just use pioneering technology. Together with Gardin, they are demonstrating the immense potential of plant-led cultivation in modern agriculture and setting a precedent for the future of food production.

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