‘Protecting the environment is an act of self-care’: supermodel Amber Valletta turns 50, changing her approach to sustainability



In the same year, I became Karl Lagerfeld’s sustainability ambassador and designed the first collection of Karl’s famous K/Cushion bags in vegan cactus leather. This year will be the fourth time. Creating beautiful and meaningful fashion is exciting, but the important work I’ve done in collaboration with his KL is championed by CEO Pier Paolo Righi and driven real change within the supply chain. It was about supporting the whole team’s efforts to make this happen. About carbon dioxide emissions.

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In 2022, I was at the United Nations in New York urging government leaders to protect our oceans from harm caused by human exploitation and the climate crisis. When I was attending his fashion summit in Copenhagen, I discussed on stage the need to invest in sustainable fabrics. Buy carbon offsets every time you fly. I was arrested multiple times along with Jane Fonda during the Fire Drill Friday protests outside the U.S. Capitol demanding the end of fossil fuels and the transition to renewable energy.

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If I had written this article 12 months ago, I might have cited statistics about CO2 emissions and deforestation rates, but you know the numbers are bad. Everyone thinks so. And we’re all overwhelmed by it. I am shocked by the magnitude of the problem. In order to move forward, I had to lean into the tenets that guided me during my sobriety and remind myself to take each day as it comes. It’s about working together to change our perspective. Counterintuitive and difficult as it may seem, we must change the way we think about the environment from fear to joy and love, from sacrifice to enjoyment. You’ll feel relieved when you consume less and don’t have to worry about possessions you didn’t need in the first place. Being still is a luxury. Every sustainable choice you make, no matter how small, is not only good for the planet, it’s also an act of self-care that will reward you with the equivalent of the skies of Oklahoma. The fact that everyone and everything on this planet is interconnected is not a curse, but a blessing and a source of infinite hope. Finding time for quiet in this overstimulating and noisy culture is a way to invite more peace within ourselves and the planet.

Not sure where to start?

Go outside and use your imagination.

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Hair: Shingo Shibata. Make-up: Kanako Takase. Nails: Trish Lomax. Movement Director: Eric Christison. Set design: Max Bellhaus. Production: Farago Project. Digital artwork: Meredith Motley.

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