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One of the biggest challenges for Bangladesh, which is expected to become a high-income economy over the next 20 years, is how to achieve a high-income economy while protecting the natural environment.

This newspaper reports that while many unscrupulous groups have made it their mission to make profits at the expense of our environment, often due to allegiance to influential groups, urbanization has gone almost unchecked. We’ve published editorials many times about how things are happening in .

To that end, it is good for the government to take matters into its own hands. A National Information Service helpline “333-4” has been established to receive environmental complaints. It allows people to formally complain about water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, biodiversity loss, and illegal destruction and logging of forests and mountains.

Through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change and the ICT department a2i, more data-driven decision-making and digital transformation within the ministry is also expected, including electronic ticketing for tourists. I am. centers, including safari parks, and digital solutions to enhance environmental standards and impact assessment enforcement activities.

It is also a positive sign to see such cooperation between the two government agencies. Collaborative efforts and leveraging the strengths of each agency will help us best overcome the hurdles before us.

But whenever I see such an initiative being undertaken, it’s natural to feel skeptical. Unfortunately, Bangladesh is notorious for having good laws but never enforcing them. All we can do is hope that as citizens take the initiative to call and warn authorities about malicious environmental damage, their calls fall on deaf ears and immediate action is taken.

Empowering the public to protect the environment is exactly the kind of progressive decision one would expect from a government that claims to be wise.

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