Prince William wants to extend the Earthshot Prize to global environmental movements by 2030



SINGAPORE (AP) – Britain’s Prince William on Wednesday expanded the Earthshot Prize program into a global movement to empower environmental innovators and get governments more involved in the green sector to make it easier to tackle climate change. He said he would like to encourage them to do so.

William said he expected environmental policy to change when the program ends in 2030, making the field more supportive of innovators. The Earthshot Prize was announced in 2020 by his Royal Foundation Charities as part of his 10-year program that awards £1 million ($1.2 million) each year to five winners who develop solutions to global environmental threats. was established in

The five 2023 winners are conservation, air quality, oceans, waste, and climate change.

“Climate anxiety will no longer be something to fear for the next generation,” he added. “We will have many more champions and role models to emulate and people who will guide us through this period of transition. Everything will be easier. That’s the 2030 version for me.”

The Earthshot Awards announced Wednesday that it has established a new online platform called Launchpad connect for all Earthshot finalists and nominees to support their financial needs. The platform currently features profiles of 24 finalist and winning solutions, representing over $500 million in funding needs. Earthshot receives more than 1,000 nominations each year, from which he selects 15 finalists, with more being added.

Prince William attended Asia’s first star-studded awards ceremony on Tuesday night, giving a speech on solar dryer makers in India, soil carbon markets, cleaner electric car batteries, Andean reforestation and illegal reforestation in the Andes. An organization working to stop fishing was recognized. 2023 Earthshot Award.

He said the solutions presented by all 15 finalists prove that “hope still remains” as the devastating effects of climate change are being felt around the world.

At Wednesday’s conference, past award winners shared some of their experiences.

Kaushik Kappaguntur, CEO of Indian startup Katy, which won the Greenhouse in a Box project in 2022, said Earthshot gives the company credibility and opens the door to partnerships with local governments and farmers. He said he opened it.

The company’s greenhouses are an inexpensive solution for small farmers who want to protect their crops from unpredictable weather and pests, using less water and increasing yields. He said he went from 1,000 farmers in one state using greenhouses to 3,000 farmers in six states.

Brandon Ng, head of Hong Kong company AMPD Enertainer, a 2022 finalist, said his three-year-old company powers equipment used on construction sites to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. He said he is offering an all-electric battery energy storage system.

Mr Ng said half of all construction sites in Hong Kong are now running on the company’s systems, and the company has expanded to Singapore, Australia, the UK, the United Arab Emirates and recently the US.

On Wednesday, his last day in Singapore, Mr William visited the Wildlife Forensics Center to see how the city is fighting poaching. During the four-day trip, the prince’s first visit to Singapore since 2011, he boarded a dragon boat and met Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

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