Prime Minister outlines environmental challenges for 2024



Prime Minister Pham Minh Trinh speaks at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s year-end review meeting held in Hanoi on December 31. — VNA/VNS Photo Dương Giang

Hon Hoi Prime Minister Pham Minh Trinh said the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) will train a contingent of competent officials and civil servants to carry out difficult and complex tasks related to land, natural resources and minerals. He emphasized the need to build.

Speaking at the Ministry of Health’s meeting to review the achievements of 2023 and launch the agenda for 2024 held in Hanoi on December 31, the government leader reminded the ministry that the Party Central Committee, He urged them to seriously and effectively follow the resolutions and conclusions of the Politburo. , and the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, as well as resolutions of the National Assembly (NA) and the government on the main challenges and solutions for social and economic development in 2024.

Regarding the challenge of refining the institutional framework and legislation, government leaders propose to focus for now on resolving any obstacles to the draft Land Law (Amendment), with a view to securing NA approval at the next session. did.

He stressed that cumbersome and unnecessary administrative procedures that hinder development and cause inconvenience to people should be removed.

The ministry should focus on digital transformation, green transition and circular economy, while pooling resources to establish databases on land, environment and minerals related to the population database of the Ministry of Public Security, Chin said. .

The Prime Minister urged the Ministry to focus on careful planning to secure land for development and review the priority land bases allocated for planning economic and industrial centers along the coastline, as well as the development of the marine economy. He urged them to move forward.

In 2024, the Ministry was tasked with assessing water resources and anticipating challenges to propose strategic solutions to ensure water security.

Additionally, MoNRE will fulfill its political commitments with partners to support the energy transition, the development of ecosystem-based industries, and the implementation of adaptation models to strengthen resilience and minimize losses from climate change. Prime Minister Chin added that there is a need to roll out an action plan. Understand that these initiatives include specific projects and support mechanisms tailored to your company. —VNS

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