Prime Minister Blair says time is running out to publish environmental improvement plan



The South Antrim MLA said: “We have been informed by the Department that the July decision to postpone the publication of the Environmental Improvement Plan will not be considered until December. The plan is already well behind schedule and the impact of this fact is being felt regularly across Northern Ireland. The havoc and suffering caused by the extreme flooding that occurred just last week will be felt for some time and, unfortunately, will become our new reality. right.

“Furthermore, we must remember that Lough Neagh, like other places across Northern Ireland, is under threat from algae blooms caused by the poor ecological state of the water body due to climate change and pollution. In addition to this, according to the RSPB, we are one of the most naturally depleted countries on earth, with half of our protected areas in disadvantaged conditions and 12% of our species at risk of extinction. It is said to be on the verge of death.

“Clearly time is running out. We face a climate and ecological crisis and unless we act urgently we will cause irreparable damage. DUP decides to collapse the executive Otherwise, the Environmental Improvement Plan might have been published in July to provide direction for combating our declining natural environment. We must immediately restore our political institutions. , which is another compelling reason to do so.”

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