Politicians called for tree and environment enhancements to ease pressure on the NHS



Politicians are being urged to prioritize the environment by taking measures such as adding more trees around schools to improve public health.

The Woodland Trust is calling on people to support the Plant More Trees campaign and calling for political parties with a long-term aim to increase the area of ​​native trees in England in the run-up to the general election.

Opinion polls have shown overwhelming support for environmental measures to reduce pressure on the NHS and improve people’s health, and doctors say they have support as well.

The charity has developed a new ‘Tree Equity App’ which has been shown to have less positive health impact in areas with lower tree cover, which will help improve tree equity in areas where it is most needed. It says it will enable a more targeted approach to tree planting.

A survey of 255 GPs by Dynata UK’s Woodland Trust Medical Board found that almost three-quarters (74%) would plant more trees and create a healthier natural environment for people. It has been shown that they believe that creating new products will help reduce the financial burden on the NHS.

cyclist among the treescyclist among the trees

Spending time in nature has been championed by campaigners as a way to improve health (Anna Gawthorpe/PA)

More than three-quarters (77%) supported prescribing time-out in nature to address health and mental health issues.

Some 94% of those surveyed believed that pollution-absorbing hedges should be planted around urban schools to improve children’s health.

And heading into the general election, 96% thought policymakers should prioritize the environment.

Woodland Trust chief executive Dr Darren Moorcroft said politicians should heed the results.

“An astonishing 96% of general practitioners on the front lines of health care in this country want to put environmental issues on the political agenda,” he said.

“They recognize the potentially life-saving benefits of a cleaner, greener world, which are becoming increasingly important as the impacts of climate change become even greater, and they believe that patients can benefit from them. We want to make it easier for people to take advantage of the benefits.”

It goes on to say: “Forests and trees keep us healthy and happy. They lock up carbon, combat the effects of climate change, improve our health and wellbeing, reduce pollution and flooding, and protect nature, people.” , protect the earth.

“This is why we are asking people to support our climate change campaign to plant more trees.”

Dr David Wrigley, Vice-Chairman of the British Medical Association’s GP Committee for England, said: ‘Our health and the environment are intertwined in almost every way, and we believe that green spaces are important in terms of both mental and physical health. “The potential benefits of increasing this number remain to be determined.” noticed.

“It is important that more people have equal access to these spaces and that we do everything we can to protect the future of our planet and its people.”

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