Overflowing waste threatens coastal environment in south-central states



Waste accumulated at Dong Hai Fishing Port, Dong Hai District, Phan Rang Thap Cham City, Ninh Thuan Province. — VNA/VNS Photo Nguyen Thanh

The amount of waste in rural and coastal residential areas in south-central Ninh Thuan province is increasing, but it is not regularly collected and treated, overwhelming waste dumps.

Furthermore, indiscriminate dumping of waste into embankments, canals, fishing ports, etc. is still prevalent, negatively impacting the local environment and people’s health.

For example, the road leading to Hoa Tan village in An Hai commune (Ninh Phuoc district) has become a “gathering point” for more than 10 naked garbage trucks.

A variety of household garbage, plastic bags, bottles, food, and other waste are piled up high, sometimes fanned by strong winds, and blown onto the roads, emitting strange odors.

Local resident Mai Duy Luan said some people throw their trash there because it’s convenient on their way to work, but sometimes they completely miss the trash cans, so people don’t bother to stop and throw their trash in the right place. He said there were hardly any.

As waste is left unattended and not taken away for treatment, the area becomes a filthy, foul-smelling place that anyone passing by will want to leave as soon as possible, Luan said.

A section of the hundreds of meters long sea wall in Phu Tho village (Dong Hai district, Phan Rang city, Thap Cham city) is also overflowing with piles of household waste, used mattresses, clothes, discarded fishing nets, and dead fish. I’m suffocating. dead animals.

The smell of rot attracts flies and spreads the contamination.

Thanh Tam, a city resident who passes by the embankment every day, said some people had low environmental awareness and were casually throwing trash onto the embankment.

Previously, as there were no wave-dissipating structures, waste was carried to the sea by waves, but now waste is accumulating and the environment is deteriorating.

During the rainy season, the area becomes especially foul smelling.

The embankment is often visited by picnickers, which has an additional impact on the environment.

In other coastal areas, such as Nai Market (Ninh Hai District), Midon District, and Dong Hai District (Phan Rang City – Thap Cham City), waste is commonplace on many roads, beaches, and port embankments.

Collection efforts by local governments and environmental service companies have their limits if people just continue to mindlessly litter.

Nguyen Van Luu Hien, Director General of Dong Hai Fishing Port (Dong Hai District), will continue to send messages on the public relations system to ship owners, businesses and residents operating within the port area, calling on them to collect and dispose of waste at designated locations. He explained that it was being broadcast on . After unloading the product.

If environmental violations are found, the port will cooperate with the Dong Hai District People’s Committee to enforce penalties according to environmental regulations.

Violators shall be subject to a fine of 1 million to 2 million Vietnamese VND (40.6 million to 8122 USD ) will be subject to fines ranging from

Dong Hai District People’s Committee Chairman Dong Phu Khanh said local authorities will request more frequent waste collection to ensure environmental hygiene.

In addition, we will install useful signs regarding environmental protection in areas with a high risk of waste pollution, work to raise awareness of living environment protection in local communities, and clarify penalties for littering and disposal of waste that violates environmental regulations. We are planning to make an announcement.

People can report or submit evidence of improper waste disposal causing environmental pollution, and the People’s Committee will handle the case in accordance with the law.

Khan said the port will start enforcing penalties, not just issuing warnings, against fishing boat owners and market traders in the port area who commit misconduct in wastewater and waste disposal.

Rapid urbanization, combined with increased production and tourism activities, is placing particular strain on the environment in many rural and coastal areas.

In order to improve the quality of the living environment, the Ninh Tung Provincial People’s Committee instructs local governments and relevant departments to strengthen the management, enforcement and punishment of violations of environmental laws, especially incidents related to improper disposal of plastic waste. issued various directives. Ensure a clean and sanitary environment.

Local governments, in cooperation with relevant agencies, are urged to carry out strong waste collection and cleaning campaigns on beaches and residential areas with public participation. —VNS

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