Ominvest Group celebrates Arab Environment Day with beach cleanup activities



Muscat: Ominvest, Oman’s prominent investment holding company, in collaboration with the Environmental Society of Oman (ESO), recently organized a beach clean campaign in celebration of Arab Environment Day, which is observed on October 14th every year.

The beach clean-up effort, which will take place at Al Khail Beach, opposite the Al Sayyida Fatima bint Ali Al Said Mosque, is in line with the group’s aim of “transforming business to enrich society.” is consistent with The main objective of this initiative is to contribute to the preservation of Oman’s pristine coastal environment.

The event was attended by volunteers from the Ominvest group of companies, including U-Capital, Jabreen Capital, Oris, Alizz Islam Bank, Liva, National Finance, National Security Services Group (NSSG), Thwani, Takaful Oman Insurance, and the group’s commitment to reflected. Toward promoting environmental management.

More than 20 students from Seeb International School also participated in this year’s campaign.

Volunteers successfully removed approximately 638 kg of trash from the shoreline.

Mr. Sanjay Kawatra, Deputy Group CEO of Ominvest, expressed his thoughts on this initiative.

“I am delighted to see over 100 of our employees, the young generation and the wider community come together to protect Oman’s pristine coastal environment. This is a testament to Ominvest’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.”

Eradicating trash that is harmful to marine life, such as discarded fishing gear and plastics, is consistent with Ominvest’s focus on environmental stewardship.

Eliminating waste that poses a threat to coastal waters makes beaches safer for activities such as swimming and fishing, and promotes tourism and local economic growth.

Ominvest has consistently championed environmental and social support as an integral part of ESG community support.

The company is dedicated to protecting the environment and fostering a sustainable future for our planet. The Arab Environment Day beach cleanup exemplifies the group’s collaborative efforts as a coalition of businesses to bring about meaningful change.

Oman International Development and Investment Company (Ominvest) boasts a rich heritage dating back to its founding in 1983 and has established itself as a leading player in the field of investment companies. Shareholders.

Ominvest’s robust portfolio includes durable assets across diverse sectors and generates strong cash flows.

The company is listed on the Muscat Stock Exchange and caters to a shareholder base of over 2,000 individuals and institutions.

Led by a visionary Board of Directors and a seasoned management team, Ominvest remains resolutely dedicated to increasing value for all its stakeholders.

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