North Wexford compost company invests €750,000 in the environment



Custom Compost is investing €750,000 in environmental improvements.

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Custom Compost will invest €750,000 in new technology to improve the environment at its facility on the outskirts of Gorey.

This decision is the result of advice from an expert odor report, which recommends this as best practice for the environment. It also complies with the highest international standards. The technology involved is his two-step process of chemical treatment and passing air through a wood and bark biofilter.

The majority of the project’s key specialist components will be sourced internationally.

Custom Compost plans to assemble and deliver the project during November-December 2023. Commissioning, including testing, power-up and operation, is expected to take place in January 2024.

This €750,000 environmental investment includes new process water tanks with stand-alone abatement systems, enclosed raw material storage and handling halls, and an extension of the existing stack between 40 and 50 meters in height. This follows on from €2.5 million in environmental improvements made in the previous year. Bioscrubbers to reduce process emissions.

With over 750 full-time employees, Custom Compost contributes more than €2 million a year to Gorey’s local wages through direct employment by the customers it supplies. Custom composting plays an important role in the biocircular economy of agriculture by reusing materials from other sectors. It is estimated that the mushroom industry as a whole buys around 40% of Ireland’s wheat straw in a typical year, so it is important that the industry is sustainable.

Custom Compost would like to thank Councilor Anthony Donoghue and Wexford County Council for their cooperation during the consultation process and looks forward to working together to deliver this project.

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