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Love is the last and greatest hope for humanity. Campuses across the country have become battlegrounds over Israel. Let’s not let that happen at the University of Minnesota.

“Abdu’l-Bahá, a Baha’i from Palestine, speaking in Minneapolis in September 1912 during a trip to the United States, as published in the Declaration of Universal Peace, said:

“God created one earth and one humanity for people. Humans have no other home to live in, but humans themselves come forward and declare imaginary boundaries and territorial limits, Germany, France, Russia, etc., and torrents of precious blood are shed to protect these imaginary sections of our one human habitation. Fantastic and limited. under the delusion of patriotism.

“After all, claims and ownership over territory and homeland are nothing more than claims and attachments to the dust of the earth. We live on this earth for a few days, and then rest beneath it forever. It will forever be our grave. Will men fight for the grave that swallows them, for the eternal grave? Is there greater ignorance than this? To kill another person for the sake of others! What carelessness! What delusion!”

Do not protest, march, or create a hostile environment for the American people.

If God created one earth and one human race with people on it, then anyone born on earth has the right to live anywhere on the earth. The people who make trillions of dollars from fossil fuels will need to relocate for climate refugees.

Both religions claim that God gave them land. Did God give the land to the ancient Hebrews of that time, or to the recent Jewish immigrants for now? Did God give the land to those who faithfully followed His most recent messenger? It has been Baha’i since 1863, but Baha’is are prohibited from living there permanently by order of Baha’u’llah.

Solomon answered that there was one baby and two women. The woman who was okay with cutting her baby in half was not a mother.

Israel is cutting babies in half with fences and kicking out Palestinians. Hamas has no problem killing entire babies. Iran might nuke it and make it impossible for anyone to own it. The land belongs to humanity. Don’t cause discord here for the sake of murderers.

Minnesotans, let’s love each other and uphold justice. Hamas is unfair. Israel is unjust. Everyone on earth is literally relatives and family to each other. Borders are man-made constructs used to control other people and their economic production. Don’t be unkind to Muslims, Jews, or other Americans regarding foreign dirt.

Television news reported that Hamas first met with President Putin. President Putin’s goal is to cut off U.S. funding to Ukraine and spill blood on our streets. The leader of Hamas in Lebanon essentially said that Hamas wants the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to stop shelling their country, but that Hamas will never stop shelling the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). . In that interview, the Hamas leader said that Hamas wants Muslims and others to march in protest against Israel around the world. Hamas leaders have admitted to killing more than 1,000 innocent Israelis and holding more than 240 hostages in the streets due to public pressure and bloody protests. Americans are not dummies, and we are not pawns for the manipulation of opposing political parties or nations.

In 1962, Al Milgrom founded the U Film Society and brought us international cinema. Americans watched movies from our homeland and we practiced our language. The people on screen felt like family and I could understand them, which built a love for other countries in Minnesota. Jews like Al Milgrom have blessed my life.

How can you not love Jews who protest on behalf of Palestinians?

My niece is the first Muslim in her Swedish-German family, who are Catholic and evangelical Christians. She was the best of her grandchildren, always of service to others, loving, and intelligent. She learned Arabic and memorized one third of the Quran in Arabic. She has raised her five children to be blessings to humanity and lovers of all. American Muslims are a blessing to us all (but no midnight adhan please!).

In March 2020, when a young black man in the back of a bus yelled that Asians were bringing the coronavirus, and an Asian man ran to the front of the crowded bus and was protected by the driver, I stood up and said, I regret not shouting. We’re all Americans here! stop! “

Chris Wray of the FBI reported to Congress that our enemies are sending people to incite race riots and kill us. When we are at odds with each other, Russia can nuke us without any response from us.

Jews and Muslims should be safe anywhere on earth, especially here. Speak up for love. Purify your mind from ethnic and racial prejudice. Please don’t let a race riot instigated by the Russians happen here.

Susan Frenzel was on staff and attended classes at the University of Minnesota from 1974 and 1980 to 1985.

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