NHRC publishes book on environmental rights



Dr. Mohammad bin Saif Al Kuwari, Vice-Chairman of the NHRC, signed the document.

Doha, Qatar: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) yesterday launched a book on the human right to a healthy environment, focusing on environmental protection. This book studies the relationship between environmental issues and the respect and protection of human rights by articulating the standards and principles governing rights to the environment and the approaches to achieving this from a human rights perspective.

The book “Protection of the Right to a Healthy Environment in the State of Qatar…Legal and Practical Study” is a study of the legal system of Qatar to protect the right to the environment by studying the constitutionalization of the right to the environment. We are talking about regulations.

talk to The PeninsulaDr. Mohammad bin Saif Al Kuwari, Vice-Chairman of the NHRC, said that this book is the first in the Middle East to address the legal aspects of environmental rights, compared to other literature dealing with technical topics. He said it was a book.

“We focus on the legal rights of the environment and need the development of many laws and regulations used in this area. From the environment to climate change, rising temperatures, floods, desertification and drought, today We have decided to hold the launch of this book here at Expo 2023 as it is in line with the theme of “Green Deserts and a Better Environment”. ,” Dr. Al-Kuwari said.

He added that the book contains a lot of information and data on international laws and regulations and is compliant with regional and national principles. Dr Al Kuwari emphasized that the book is also a message to ministries, the private sector and organizations to use information and data to strengthen policies.

Meanwhile, Dr. Al-Kuwari said experts recommended in a panel session that there is a need to further raise awareness about these laws and establish a sustainable framework to guide the implementation of these regulations. said. He said there is a need to educate the public through seminars, conferences and participating activities to understand whether the law is being followed, the public’s logic in relation to the law, and recommendations on how to improve the law. Stated.

“It is not enough to just choose these laws. We need to educate people on how they can take advantage of these regulations. Another recommendation in this discussion is that a special court for the environment I think it is very important now to make that happen. I also think that the establishment of an environmental society is important to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, expertise, data and information on human rights and environmental rights. It is essential,” he added.

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