New York Giants staff considers current environment ‘toxic’



When the New York Giants parted ways with defensive coordinator Wink Martindale and fired his two most trusted assistants, Drew Wilkins and Kevin Wilkins, there were hopes that the media leaks would stop. there were.

That didn’t happen.

Martindale and the Wilkins brothers clearly weren’t a good fit with head coach Brian Daboll and the current regime, but apparently they weren’t the only ones.

Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News revealed disturbing details about Daboll’s relationship with coordinators and assistants earlier this week, but the staff remaining in the East Rutherford building described the current environment as ” They report that they view it as “harmful.”

“This is about the Giants as a process, but the Giants are still broken and considered broken,” Leonard said on his latest show. talking ball podcast. “There were still people in the building and one of the staff members advised the coach who called about the vacancy not to come here because the environment was toxic.”

Despite all the negative press, Daboll still has the support of the Giants’ owner and has yet to “take a hit” in how he handled the situation. However, this may change if this situation persists.

“This was nothing new. Daboll eviscerated people last season as well,” Leonard said. “DeAndre Smith, who was the running backs coach last year, ended up going to the Indianapolis Colts. . . . He was the one who took Daboll’s ire.

“This has been going on since the first season started, and it’s gotten worse. And when a loss happens and things spiral, a brighter light is shined on them.”

Firing Martindale won’t solve these problems for the Giants, especially considering Daboll’s relationship with offensive coordinator Mike Kafka is, if not more, rocky.

“If there was a consistent element of the dynamic that people didn’t like this season, it wasn’t Daboll-Martindale, it was Daboll-Kafka,” Leonard said. “A number of sources have told me…that he is bearing the brunt of Daboll’s wrath. One source says he is constantly being second-guessed.”

Ultimately, Leonard acknowledges that two distinct factions are establishing themselves on the 1925 Giants drive: those who believe Daboll is the right man for the job and those who don’t.

For the Giants to be successful, Daboll will need to find a way to get everyone on the same page.

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