New Jersey Edison sues fired employee over hostile work environment



Edison Township plans to go to court to recover money paid in salary and benefits to a fired city employee who is suing the township for creating a hostile workplace.

The town’s lawsuit charges former employee Anthony Diamorin with fraud and unjust enrichment for receiving wages and benefits without providing any services to the town.

“It’s outrageous,” Diamorin said, adding that she learned about the lawsuit from her lawyer last week.

Earlier this year, Diamorin filed a lawsuit against the town alleging workplace harassment, retaliation and discrimination.

He said the matter went to mediation in early October, where an agreement was reached and was expected to be submitted to the township council for approval, but it never got that far.

The next thing he heard was that the town was filing a countersuit.

Diamorin claims the town is currently “using taxpayer money to fight a personal vendetta.”

“I’m going to stand my ground. I have nothing to hide,” Diamorin said, adding that in the lawsuit, the town is likely seeking to recover money he earned during his short time as a town employee. He added that he would likely spend more on legal costs. .

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Late last month, the town filed suit against Mr. Diamorin, who began working at Edison in January 2021 in a part-time position as special assistant to former Mayor Thomas Lankey at a salary of $12,000, according to the complaint.

The position did not include benefits and Diamorin was a voluntary town employee without an office, according to the complaint.

“While serving as Special Assistant, (Diamorin) failed to perform services to the Town commensurate with the receipt of salary and benefits,” the complaint states. “(Diamorin) treated his position as a ‘no-show’ job.”

But Diamorin said that as a special assistant, he produced and hosted a television show with local police units and worked with the Office of Emergency Management to deliver vaccines to senior centers.

He said many of the responsibilities didn’t require him to be in the office, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

The complaint alleges that after Mayor Sam Joshi took office on January 1, 2022, Diamorin was offered a full-time job as a non-union media assistant at an annual salary of $40,000 in March 2022. It is said that it was done.

Diamorin said he was misled by the mayor and later learned he had been hired as a photographer for town meetings.

The offer included a 180-day trial period, vacation, sick pay, personal time pay, and a statement of health insurance benefits.

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Diamorin accepted the position on or about March 8, 2022, according to the complaint. A little more than a week later, on March 16, he met with the interim township business manager and the human resources director about his alleged abandonment of his position, officials said.

During that meeting, Diamorin was informed that he had failed to report to and from work and other reporting obligations. Diamorin allegedly failed to report to his supervisor after the meeting and continued to come in and out of work or abandon his job, according to the complaint.

Diamorin said in her lawsuit that she complained to human resources about the hostile work environment and retaliation she received from Joshi and the town. However, the details of those actions are not disclosed in his lawsuit.

Diamorin described the time as “a miserable three or four months.”

“As a result of (Mr. Diamorin’s) actions, he was terminated as the town’s probationary media assistant for abandonment, dereliction of duty, and insubordination,” the town’s lawsuit states.

According to the lawsuit, Diamorin accepted the job offer but knew he would not and would not perform any service to the town for pay or other benefits. It is said that

Deamorin’s lawsuit alleges that he was fired not for poor job performance, but for supporting Joshi’s Republican opponent in the 2021 mayoral race.

His lawsuit also alleges that the township violated state anti-discrimination laws by failing to account for his disability (stress, anxiety, and related medical issues such as hives).

Diamorin’s complaint says he was “successful” in his work as Lankey’s special assistant, was an asset to the mayor, and had a friendly relationship with then-Councilman Joshi.


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