New chair candidate and environment – oops, never mind.



New chair candidate and environment – oops, never mind.

Who is Tom Emmer and what are his views on the environment?

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The revolving door of Republican candidates continues. Tom Emmer who It was for a short period of time of [ newly picked] Republican House Speaker Candidate on tuesdayis relatively unknown, despite being part of the House Republican leadership team.

Emmer, who grew up in a wealthy suburb of Minneapolis, became a lawyer and then a state representative. He successfully ran to replace Michele Bachmann. Some people may have forgotten about her, but she was essentially the Marjorie Taylor Greene of her time.

Emmer’s score from the League of Conservative Voters is roughly on par with House Republicans, with both her 2022 score and lifetime score at 5%. However, before 2019 his average was around 1%. His lifetime average was raised by a score of 7% in 2019, 10% in 2020, and 22% in 2021. But as we mentioned for several other candidates for the House Speaker post, the 2021 score included votes for, among other things: It is not a direct environmental issue like voting to accept the results of the 2020 election (which was the case for Emmer).

He doesn’t seem to be a climate change denier. When asked about climate change at City Hall, Emmer said: “Don’t you agree that we should leave this place as good as we found it?” He also mentioned his proposals to remove plastic from waterways and plant 1 trillion trees.

Emmer is a big supporter of biofuels like corn ethanol, especially given that he represents Midwestern farmers. But when he ran for governor in 2010, he attacked his Republican rival’s support for renewable energy. Emmer said:

“There are a lot of factors and variables; [increasing energy costs]However, one of the main variables when governments engage in mandates is that renewable energy such as wind, solar and biofuels must be deployed. ,,,When the government starts mandating, it creates an imbalance in the market. ”

These days, Emmer has been a strong advocate of permit reform. Earlier this year, he touted HR1, a bill that would significantly curb environmental reviews of energy projects. He touted the bill as a way to “restore America’s energy independence and lower costs by increasing American Energy production and exports and reducing regulatory burdens.”

My overall impression is that climate and energy are not a big issue for Emmer. Public statements about them were difficult to find. The few I found weren’t as passionate.he definitely will Get used to it It would have been He is an improvement over the previous Republican candidate for House speaker, Jim Jordan.Meanwhile, it is teeth was His vote to uphold the 2020 election results is good news from a democratic process perspective.

Given the divided state of House Republicans, it remains unclear whether Emmer will receive enough votes to become speaker of the House. Within hours of becoming a candidate, he dropped out. he may not be Get used to it It has become An ideal choice from an environmental point of view, he would It definitely was Get used to it It’s an improvement over leaving the post empty. After all, that is where we are now. again.

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