Nanhi Korakukai Center aims to create a shopping environment reminiscent of a lush forest.



Nanfei Honglehui Center, a sprawling commercial complex in Xi’an designed by Aedas, is a testament to innovative urban planning, incorporating extensive gardens with an outdoor water-themed park and stunning indoor green space. A project that aims to create a shopping environment that resembles a lush forest. The idea is to enchant and soothe visitors while drawing inspiration from the organic beauty of nature. A wide variety of green plants adorn this landscape, from tall trees and shrubs to a variety of chai and ferns, carefully designed to mimic the beauty of a real forest.

Expanding on the concept of green architecture, the project’s landscape design was beautifully designed by Adrian L. Norman Limited. The project includes a lot of green space, both indoors and outdoors. In designing this project, the architects thought carefully about the interplay of light and shadow. Using the angle and reflection of sunlight, we created a rhythm in which light and shadow alternate. It not only gives dynamism to the landscape, but also weaves an atmosphere of mystery and romance throughout the interior. Water features act as a recurring motif, and the design language uses modern interpretations of lakes, rivers, and waterfalls found in natural forests, as well as simulations of water flow and sound to bring life to the landscape. Recover and imitate the vibrancy of nature.

Nanhi Kogakukai Center

The design philosophy extends from the ground floor to the raised garden platform, providing consistent views at each level. The plaza is fully integrated with the architectural form and features a river system. With its curving pavement, series of fountains, and other water features, the plaza invites city dwellers into an oasis of peace, transporting them away from the hustle and bustle of city life and into a peaceful, forest-inspired space. The undulating terrain and carefully placed rocks form the topography of the forest, forming a visually beautiful environment, creating a variety of spatial forms, and providing visitors with a rich space of relaxation.

The inspiration behind Fountain Plaza is based on a dynamic interpretation of natural water features, emulating small waterfall models and interacting water eddies. The use of water features that vary in elevation adds an element of dynamism, creating an ever-changing spatial experience for visitors. Using the language of architectural disruption, we create the appearance of a shimmering pool, evoking cascading clouds with white crystals hidden within the greenery and a glass floor that reflects the activity below. Incorporating landscape considerations early in the project’s development, planning and collaborative efforts with financial institutions resulted in themed spaces in the centre. A forest-like open and sociable space adorned with diverse flora provides visitors with the opportunity to reconnect with nature, participate in leisure activities and enjoy outdoor experiences after shopping.

Nanhi Kogakukai Center
Nanhi Kogakukai Center

The Vortex Atrium, located in one corner of the mall, is a glass vortex structure that stretches from the ceiling to the floor. This allows the skylight to enter the room through the volumetric structure. The eaves of each floor of the courtyard overlap and are planted with various plants, forming an overlapping green curtain. A rippled water pattern paving delineates the dining space and enhances the overall aesthetic. The pool’s grand staircase leads visitors to patio corridors and rainforest flowerbeds, further offering an indoor walk-in experience. The sensory appeal of cascading water leads them to a hidden platform area. A variety of plants, sightseeing elevators, and water facilities create a comfortable indoor travel experience.

Nanfei Honlehui Center’s rooftop garden appears to be a three-dimensional space, with a glass walkway offering a clear view of the unique glass vortex structure. The festive, curving outdoor amphitheater contributes to the overall aesthetic of the Nanfeihong Music Center. The center goes beyond the traditional retail experience, blending retail and nature in a lush and inviting environment. The highly designed store is not just a store space, but also a haven where nature and architecture coexist.

Project information

Project name: Nanhi Kogakukai Center
: Shaanxi Nanfeihong Industrial Co., Ltd.
Client team: Zhang Jirayi, Zhang Wang
Completion year: 2023
architectural design: Aedas
interior design: aedas
Landscape design: Adrian L. Norman Limited
Landscape design team: Adrian L. Norman, Robert and Hilary Feng, Kayla Yang, Lawrence Lu, and others
Landscape construction drawing design: Guangzhou Shanshui Virtue Design Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch
Landscaping work (outdoors): Zhejiang New Oasis Garden Engineering Co., Ltd.; Xi’an Men’an Decorative Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
Landscaping work (indoor): Shanghai Botanical Garden Greening Engineering Co., Ltd.
Landscape construction (aquascape): Zhongke Huada Environmental Technology Shenzhen Co., Ltd.
photograph: Prism-like landscape photography

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