NAMEPA Marine Environmental Protection Conference and Awards Agenda Announced




Co-founder and CEO Carlene Lyden-Walker will be speaking at the North American Marine Environmental Protection Association’s (NAMEPA) Annual Marine Environment Conference this Thursday, November 2, 2023, at the State Maritime University of New York. Details of the agenda for the conservation conference and awards ceremony event were announced. Key members of the maritime industry will gather to focus on the “Maritime Pathway to 2050” and take steps towards the United Nations Marine Environment Protection Commission (MEPC) 80 goals for decarbonization. Celebrating workforce development challenges and opportunities.

SUNY Maritime College President RDML Michael Alfultis will deliver NAMEPA’s opening keynote address. Walker praised the work of Michael Alfrutis at New York University in New York, saying:[Alfultis] The first ship, Empire State VII, was delivered to the Maritime College, successfully navigating choppy U.S. government waters and successfully completing the National Security Multipurpose Vessel Program. ” Prior to the NAMEPA event, a special tour of the ship will be held, giving conference attendees the opportunity to explore the ship guided by cadets and tour the ship’s advanced training facilities.

U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Director of Design and Technology Standards PE Chief Capt. Dan Kost will give a keynote address, followed by a keynote address by USCG about decarbonization, new fuels, digitalization and related cyber risks, licensing updates, and adoption in the coming years. .

The annual conference’s first panel, “Future Ships and Fuels,” will be led by Cargill’s Jan Willem van den Dujssel and feature U.S. regulatory efforts on decarbonization by Blank Rome’s Dana Merkel Presentation and overview of current and future fuel options. Jan Hagen Andersen of DNV. Finally, her Cynthia Hudson from HudsonAnalytix provides analysis on both the risks and benefits of emerging technologies.

The Future Mariner Workshop will headline the second part of the annual conference. Presenters led by SMIT’s Doug Martin and featured SUNY Maritime College’s RADM Francis Perkowski, NAMEPA’s Molly Duchey, Pasha Group’s Kai Martin, and SUNY Cadet Rashaun Henry. Identify the need to recruit and retain new employees in the maritime industry to minimize “downturns”. The seafarer shortage is predicted to reach 86,000 by 2026.

The Leadership Roundtable concludes the conference segment and introduces selected recipients of NAMEPA’s 2023 Marine Environmental Protection Awards. Confirmed winners include Rick Sasso, President and CEO of MSC Cruises (USA), Brian Murray of TOTE Services, and Priscilla Figueroa, Principal of New York Harbor Middle School .

The NAMEPA Annual Conference will be followed by the NAMEPA General Meeting, an awards reception, and a dinner to conclude the event. Learn more about. Register now!

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