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Friday, November 10, 2023

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Agus Justianto, director of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry’s Sustainable Forest Management Bureau, said on Thursday that indigenous peoples have the right to benefit from carbon trading efforts.

Agus explained that in order for communities to be eligible to benefit from carbon trading, they must comply with certain requirements, such as holding customary forest permits.

“Customary forests are still subject to social forestry, so as long as forests exist, [indigenous people] They have the right to benefit from emissions trading because they can take mitigation measures and quantify them,” Agus said.

He also noted that some indigenous communities in East Kalimantan and Jambi are already receiving “performance-based or performance-based payments” from these initiatives.

Lakshmi Dewanti, director-general of climate change at the Ministry of Environment, said indigenous peoples could reap economic as well as ecological and social benefits from efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Lakshmi said climate change mitigation includes actions aimed at preserving environmental functions, which result in ecological benefits such as improved microclimate, water management conditions, and forest quality.

“The most important benefit they will experience is an enhanced ability to withstand the various negative effects of climate change that can threaten the sustainability of their livelihoods and way of life,” Lakshmi said.

The Ministry of the Environment has introduced a comprehensive roadmap for carbon trading in the forestry sector, outlined in a ministerial regulation. This roadmap includes both general and specific criteria.

Common criteria include aspects related to the disaggregation of baseline emissions and reduction targets. Specific criteria include the development of implementation plans, goals, and strategies to achieve these goals.

Target trading participants are those who have permission and management rights for the forest utilization business. This list includes private forest owners with a sustainable forest management certificate, a forest product legality certificate or a forest product declaration in accordance with legal provisions.

Those with a Social Forestry Management Approval may participate in carbon trading activities together with Social Forestry Management Agreement holders who have at least the Silver classification.

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