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Friday, October 27, 2023

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President Joko Widodo launched the Indonesia Carbon Exchange (IDXCarbon) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange last month, and on October 24, Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya announced the Climate and Carbon Cooperation Agreement at the Mangala Wanabakti Building in Jakarta. A council (RKKIK) was established. , to increase public interest in carbon trading to help countries achieve their Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) targets.

RKKIK was established to provide consulting services not only for carbon pricing (NEK), but also for all activities related to achieving NDC goals.

RKKIK is the result of collaboration between the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of Environment through the Indonesia-UNDP Climate Commitment Program. The project will start in March 2022 with funding from the Japanese government and aims to help Indonesia achieve its NDC goals.

Speaking at the launch event, Minister Siti said RKKIK is expected to improve the health of carbon markets in terms of NDC and carbon pricing in Indonesia, and positively impact the country’s climate change management.

“It is hoped that the NEK will be implemented as a mechanism to make climate change mitigation and adaptation measures more effective, efficient, inclusive, transparent, accountable and fair,” Citi said. .

Although NEK has great potential, implementing NEK in Indonesia requires cooperation from all stakeholders, preparing derivative regulations, and creating a more detailed implementation roadmap. , still faces many challenges.

To answer these challenges, it is important to establish an organization aimed at providing services to collaborate and consult on all activities related to the implementation of the NDC and NEK.

During the launch of RKKIK, the Ministry of the Environment also carried out other activities, such as issuing greenhouse gas emission reduction certificates (SPE). SPE serves as evidence of emissions reductions and ensures that operations and/or activities undergo a measurement, reporting and verification process and are recorded under the System of National Registration (SRN) Climate Change Management and are issued with a registration number and registration number. prove that it is. /or code.

GHG Verification from the National Board of Standardization (BSN) and the National Bureau of Standardization (BSN) to demonstrate that RKKIK, as an independent institution, operates a competent mechanism to verify and verify responsible GHG emission reductions. /Verification Authority (LVV) certificate has been issued. Accreditation Commission (KAN).

RKKIK has four service areas: NDC Climate Change Mitigation Division, NEK Division, National Registration System for Climate Change Management (SRN PPI) Division, and NDC Adaptation Division.

To consult RKKIK, you should first check the information provided on its website (, especially regarding NDC and NEK, as well as its FAQ. Direct consultation can also be done at his RKKIK office located at Mangagarawana Bhakti Building, Block IV, Floor 2, Jl. Gatot Subroto Senayan, Jakarta.

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