Ministry of the Environment adopts requirements to control treatment of “NORM”



Doha, Qatar: The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC), in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has adopted the requirements for the National Program for the Management and Disposal of Radioactive Waste from Oil and Gas Production (NORM). .

This program aims to manage and safely dispose of radioactive waste to protect the environment from the dangers of these materials.

The MoECC Radiological Protection Department, in collaboration with the IAEA, has updated the Regulations for the Management of Natural Radioactive Waste from the Oil and Gas Industry, published in 2013, in line with international standards in this field.

The International Group of Experts (NORM), which specializes in radioactive materials arising from Qatar’s gas and oil production, visited the ministry and provided technical and scientific recommendations. The recommendations aim to improve regulatory management and waste treatment while transferring scientific expertise to national personnel in the same field. .

The Radiation Protection Department of the MoECC has also issued requirements for licensed companies providing services related to NORM waste management. These requirements are consistent with international radiation safety standards to protect humans and the environment from associated hazards, and strengthen regulatory controls over domestically generated NORM waste.

These requirements include conditions for obtaining licenses for activities such as decontamination of equipment used in the oil and energy industry, training services on the management and treatment of these substances, and consulting services in the same field. Masu. The Radiation Protection Agency said that to operate in these areas, companies or organizations must submit an application to the agency and prove compliance with these requirements before obtaining a permit. .

The adoption of the requirements of the National Program for the Management and Disposal of Radioactive Waste Arising from Oil and Gas Production (NORM) is carried out within the framework of the responsibilities assigned to the Radiation Protection Department of the MoECC as the supervisory authority for radioactive activities and radioactive materials. I will. Materials must be stored within Qatar in accordance with the Radiation Protection Law No. 31 of 2002 and the administrative regulations issued thereunder.

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