Ministry of Environment fines kiln owner 3.5 million rupees



MULTAN, Oct 23 (APP): Additional Director General of Environmental Protection Dr Zafar Iqbal has imposed a fine of Rs 3.5 million on the owners of seven brick kilns which lacked zigzag technology and caused huge pollution.
According to official sources, Additional DG EPD carried out the raid on the instructions of Caretaker Prime Minister Syed Mohsin Naqvi to deter brick kiln owners as they were causing smog. He also directed authorities to inspect kilns around the highway. Owners of traditional kilns should focus on converting their kilns to zigzag technology.
Official sources have revealed about the Zigzag technology that it improves the control of airflow and heat distribution, resulting in lower energy consumption and lower costs. In addition to this, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants, contributing to environmental conservation and improving air quality.
The design ensures uniform brick production and meets construction standards and customer expectations, officials said.
Zigzag technology helps kiln operators comply with environmental regulations. Kiln workers are less exposed to harmful smoke and pollutants, improving their long-term health outcomes. These kilns have a long operating life and reduce maintenance costs.
Official sources said that in line with sustainable development principles, the zigzag technology will minimize resource consumption and environmental impact.

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