Ministry encourages green transport to protect marine environment



Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Transport supports the implementation of green transportation to protect the marine environment by issuing several relaxing regulations.

“These include the obligation to use low sulfur fuels, the use of marine scrubbers to clean exhaust gases, vessel rejuvenation, the use of environmentally friendly navigational aids, and the reduction of marine fuel consumption for all Indonesian-flagged vessels. This includes the obligation to report,” Antoni Arif Puliadi, head of the ministry’s Maritime Transport Bureau, said in a statement received on Friday.

Priadi made this statement during a focus group discussion (FGD) on green transport and energy efficiency held in Jakarta on Thursday, January 11.

In addressing environmental issues, Priadi said the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will reduce carbon emissions from ships by at least 40 percent by 2030 and reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2050. He said that is his goal.

He pointed out that Indonesia, an IMO member country located on a strategic international shipping route, has a great responsibility to achieve greener and more sustainable shipping and the marine environment.

According to Priadi, green transportation is the process of reducing energy use and reducing emissions. It aims to reduce marine environmental pollution due to the large consumption of fossil fuels in the maritime transport sector and promote the use of environmentally friendly energy.

“The international shipping sector contributes approximately 2-3% of global carbon or greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, all stakeholders in the shipping industry must be proactive in decarbonizing the shipping sector,” he said. We need to play our part,” he said.

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Priadi said the Indonesian government is also working to build environmentally friendly maritime infrastructure to support green transport, while remaining mindful of the principles of the Paris Agreement, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve sustainable development. he pointed out.

He cited as an example Indonesia and Denmark’s commitment to tackling climate change, which in 2016 was involved in drafting bilateral and regional agreements to protect the marine environment from marine exploration and development activities. .

He added, “The two countries will begin cooperation in 2021, and will continue their efforts to decarbonize the shipping sector.”

The ministry also said it continues to increase awareness and cooperation among stakeholders in creating innovations to implement green transportation.

“We hope that with good synergies between the parties involved, we can build a sustainable shipping industry that protects the marine environment for future generations,” he said.

Several government officials and experts, including representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. state oil company PT Pertamina; Indonesian National Shipowners Association (INSA); state-owned port operator PT Pelindo also attended his FGD.

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