Media Storytelling Miniseries – Sydney Environmental Research Institute



Thursday, August 31st, 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Survival stories: Endangered species and the scientists who study them This is a collaboration between the Australian Museum and Animal Allegories (Zoe Sadkielski and Ceridwen Dovey) exploring ways to translate conservation science through creative practice for adults. The museum is preparing to publish a series of multimedia stories produced through the collaboration on the Climate Solutions Center section of its website. These stories combine scientific facts and long-form profiles of scientists, original creative works, and remixed materials from the museum’s digital archives. They are the result of his 18 months of research and development with museum scientists, archivists, artists, musicians, and filmmakers. In this talk, Jenny Newell, Zoe Sadkielski, and Ceridwen Dovey discuss how the research process has led to the development of a “Nature-Cultural Storytelling Framework” for translating conservation science through creative practice. Connect, encourage public participation, and discuss how to welcome non-experts into the conservation story.


cooperate as animal fable, Zoe Sadkielski and Ceridwen Dovey Create stories of nature and culture that are experimental, visually surprising, and sometimes a little weird. Ceridwen is a writer of fiction and creative nonfiction, and a filmmaker. Zoe is a designer, writer, educator and Associate Professor at UTS School of Design. We know that stories cannot save the world. But they offer a moment of respite, transporting us into imaginative realms where other paths we might take briefly emerge.

Dr. Jenny Newell I am Curator of Climate Change at the Climate Solutions Center, Australian Museum, Sydney. She works to advance understanding and tackling the climate crisis through exhibitions, events, publications, and community collaborations. With a background in environmental history, she has used her curatorial roles in London, Canberra, New York and Sydney to explore and promote positive relationships between humans and nature.

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